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12 Activities You Can Do To Burn Calories While You Are Having Beach Holiday

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Beach is a good place to relax during summer.  However, it is also a good place for a wonderful workout.  I have tried quite a number of workouts and they are so fun until I forgot that I was actually exercising and burning calories.  Certainly, it is not about treadmill or dumbbell.

Here are 12 activities you can try.

  1. Build sandcastle.  You dig sand, carry water with pail and build the castle far away from the water.  Imagine you will make many trips to and from your castle.  You work out your legs, core muscles and arm strength.  If you like to burn more calories, try a few bicep curls with your bucket full with water or sand.Youth-build-sand-castle.jpg
  2. Fishing.  Many think that fishing should not be counted as exercise.  It is more like a stress reliever.  Well, it depends.  If you catch a big strong fish, you will spend much effort to pull it up.  While you fish, do not just sit.  Stand and walk the edge of the water.
  3. Yoga.  Doing yoga at the beach is definitely a Zen thing with sound of waves hitting the shore and breeze on your face.  Do the sun salutations in the actual sun.Sun-Salutation-Yoga.jpg
  4. If you have kids, try Frisbee.  This fun activity will work out your shoulders, arms, and legs while help improving hand-eye coordination.  If you want to boost the calories burning, run and jump.  Try tossing the Frisbee with your non-dominant hand.
  5. Boogie boarding.  It is easy as you do not need much skill or balance to do it (unlike surfing).  It is fun cardio workout.  Keep on kicking with your arms and legs as long as possible.  Stays moving instead of allowing waves passively push you.
  6. Surfing.  Riding on the wave train your core muscle strength and your legs.
  7. Jet ski.  While you are balancing, you actually work on your core muscles, arm and leg muscles.Jet-Ski-Beach.jpg
  8. Jumping waves.  Yes, I know, this one serves not much purpose, except it is fun.  However, this activity is not easy because you use most of your major muscles of your lower body.  Water is actually a great resistance to your movement.  When you jog in the water, you burn even more calories.
  9. Kayaking.  You will use your arms to paddle in the water.  This activity is not the usual cardio workout (which it leg focused).  Your arms are the one move you.  Kayaking is the killer arm workout, strengthening triceps and biceps.  When you have to paddle against the current, you burn even more calories.Bikini-lady-kayaking.jpg
  10. Beach running (or walking).  Unlike the flat surface or pavement, walking or running on deep loose sand is quite challenging.  Even the shoreline sand looks flat, your feet get stuck in every step.  The deeper the sand, the more calorie you are burning.  Therefore, for people who seldom exercise, stick to the hard-packed sand near the shore because it is less taxing on your legs.  Wear the running shoes because barefoot running may get you injured (if you step on anything sharp).  if you just want to have a slower stroll, try walking in an ankle deep water because it gives you slightly more resistance and get your muscles work harder.
  11. Swimming.  It is an ideal full body workout.Swimming in the pool is easy.  Swimming in the open water is different story, especially if you work against the current.  Make sure you wear goggles to protect your eyes from salty water and stay close to the shore.
  12. Beach volleyball.  Running, jumping and striking the balls help burn as much as 500 calories an hour.  If you only have 1 team member and you have to cover more of the court, you will be running around.

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It is the calories you want to burn, not your precious skin.  So, put on suncream, even if you are in the water.



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