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3 Reasons Your Legs May Itch When You Run

May 19th, 2012 · 1 Comment ·


One reader has sent me e-mail telling me that he experienced an itchy sensation all over his legs when he ran.  The feeling was so overwhelming that he has to stop to scratch his legs.  Worse, he wore shorts and his legs looked like two huge reddish carrot.  No, it is nothing to do with hygiene of his leg hair.

Have you experienced that before too?

  1. Few reasons that make this happening.  First, you must know that we have many tiny capillaries in your muscles.  When you run, your heart rate increases to get more oxygen, and the blood is flowing quicker and therefore the tiny capillaries will also expand to allow maximum blood passage.  If you have not been exercising for a while, the capillaries may have “shrunk” in size.  So, when they are suddenly expanded, the blood rush toward the surface making your skin turn red.  The capillaries also cause adjacent nerves to send message to the brain, which reads the sensation as itching.  In fact, the itching is not on the skin, it is actually inside the limb.  In this case, in order to prevent itchy legs, start exercising and maintain it as a regular routine.  If you are fit, These capillaries remain open allowing maximum blood passage.  The itchy feeling will surely go away eventually.  In short, it is just another indication of increasing fitness levels.
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  3. Another reason can be the cold temperature.  If you are wearing enough layers on your legs, you run in cold weather and when you go inside your house, your legs start itching.  The itchiness is due to the thawing process as your legs begin to warm up.  In this case, you should add a layer to your legs, it can be fit loose or tight, but make sure they can stand for cold temperature.  Some people take hot shower right before they head out for long run in cold weather to get the leg muscles start out warm.
  4. Finally, another reason can be the clothes you are wearing.  If you are wearing synthetics pants and they trigger such reaction, especially when they are still new, you should wash them and try to see if that eliminates the problem.  Alternatively, go for cotton garments.



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