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3 Weight Loss Tips You Should Not Pick Up From Celebrity Moms

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Mun’s note: This is a guest post by Nicole White, one of MunFitnessBlog regular readers.

It is really amazing how celebrities do it, lose weight so quickly after they have given birth to a baby or even two. Celebrity moms are always in the news and are hot property for the tabloids, not for the cute first pictures of junior, but for their rocking bodies as little as two weeks after the delivery. If you have ever given birth or even been around someone pregnant before and after the delivery, you will know that motherhood comes with its own ills, the biggest one being that of unwanted weight that you cannot control.

When you are pregnant, you do all it takes to give your unborn child the best in terms of food and nutrition, so you do not mind the weight gain. But when you see the stars getting back to shape and even stripping for Playboy and Victoria’s Secret a few months after their baby is born, you feel a sense of shame when you look at your body and see the lumps that still hang on even a year after you gave birth.


Agelina Jolie 3 months after giving birth


Halle Berry 1.5 months after giving birth


Jennifer Lopez 1 months after giving birth


Nicole Kidman 1 months after giving birth

Well, it is time to put the guilt aside and learn a few things from the workout programs of celeb moms, things that you absolutely must not do in your attempt to lose weight after the delivery:

  1. Do not rush it. Your body has been through a lot ever since you became pregnant, and so needs time to recover from this ordeal. If you hasten the process of getting back into shape and do too much too soon, you may risk injuring yourself or causing damage to your internal organs. While women are generally allowed to return to normal activities six weeks after their pregnancy, each of us is different. So consult your doctor and go according to his advice. Celebrities are able to get back on the fitness track soon after delivery because they are used to staying active almost throughout the pregnancy and before. But for you, it is a different story. So go slowly, but steadily, to avoid hurting yourself.
  2. Eat what you need to feed your baby. You need at least 1500 to 2000 calories a day if you are breastfeeding your baby, so do not skimp on your meals in order to lose weight. What you can do however is to eat more nutritional food that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates, and skip the fries and other processed food.
  3. Do not take the plastic route. While no celebrity would admit to this, some of them do go under the knife in order to get rid of those last few pounds that just refuse to come off. Mommy makeovers are all the rage, but cosmetic surgery is not the long-term solution to permanent weight loss. If you do go in for a nip/tuck procedure or a liposuction, remember that it is best to wait a year after your baby is born, and that you need to maintain your new figure with regular exercise and a diet.


If you are ever envious (of them) and ashamed (of yourself) at any time of the way celebrities manage to look soon after giving birth, stop to remind yourself that they have an arsenal of aids at their disposal that you do not – personal trainers, full-time nannies, night nurses, assistants and personal chefs. This makes it easy for them to just follow a schedule without having to worry about looking after their baby. Some of them do breastfeed, but others choose not to. Either way, they do not have as many responsibilities as you do.

Look at the bodies to see what you can achieve, but do not look at the time in which they achieved these results. Find a sense of motivation and make it work for you, at your own pace and convenience; that is the only way to lose weight sensibly after your baby is born.

Mun’s Note: This post was contributed by guest author of Nicole White, who has a site about health care administration degree. She can be contacted at Nicole.White222 at




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