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4 Simple Diet Tips For Weight Loss

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1) How To Make a Diet Plan Successful?
Too often we heard people fail to stick to their diet plans. So, how can we ensure ours will give us the result we want. In fact, why do most diet plans fail?
Most diet plans fail because people are asked to change too much and too fast. They are asked to change something fundamental in the way that they relate to food and meal preparation. A new diet will often require people to eat foods they do not like or new to them, take a supplement, or prepare their meals differently from the common way they do it.

No doubt, dieters will want to force themselves to adapt, but I found that people will only accept changes for a short time. Before the results kick in, their old habits come back, and therefore the diet plan fails.

To have a successful diet plan, I realized that one of the ways is to stay with the foods we are used to eating, and learn to adjust the size of the portion. In other words, eating frequent but small meals and snacks and choosing low-fat food items will result in successful weight loss.


2) Is It Fine To Eat Chocolate?
Not only ladies like chocolate, I love chocolate too. Chocolate and other desserts are fine in small portions, but not every day. Let’s acknowledge the fact that candy has not real nutritional value despite what uncommon research saying chocolate can cure heart disease or even impotent, ahem. If you read the labels about the calories and fat, your jaw will drop.

Go work your ass out three times a week at gym with an hour each for consecutive four weeks before you spoil yourself with a bar of chocolate. Also, if you really need to eat chocolate, choose dark chocolate. Deal?


3) Exercise Should Go Hand In Hand With Diet, But What Exercise Is The Best?
It really depends. However, what is more important is to do what you like to do, you will be able to make it a habit.

If you exercise consistently, you will lose weight eventually.

If you think a gym membership is too expensive, consider having a home machine. You can read my the other article – 13 Tips To Choose A Perfect Fitness Equipment For Your Home


4) Any Tips For Dining Out And Not Blowing My Entire Diet?
I know that it is hard to stick a low calorie diet. Instead of skipping the foods you love, I found that it is more effective to control how much you eat. Rather than focusing on percentages of carbohydrates and proteins or the glycemic index of the food, control the amount of food on your plate and make good choices. Analyzing the components of your diet is great, but unless you are a professional athlete or nutritionist, keep your job simple.

If you eat too much during company annual dinner or good friend’s wedding dinner, try to exercise extra hard the next day to compensate for the excess calories. However, it may not be wise to assume you can consistently overeat and then fix it through training the next day.

In fact, a better tip if you are faced with all-you-can-eat buffet, ask yourself if you really need all that food. If the answer is no, then just take enough.

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As you can see, diet plan alone is just not good enough.  You need to exercise.  Also, losing weight does not happen overnight, so be patient. Don’t give up.



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