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8 Practical Tips on How Not To Gain Weight During Holidays

December 27th, 2012 · No Comments ·


I read one interesting report about weight gain during holiday seasons – average person gains one pound a year during holidays.  Just like you, I initially thought the one pound is not a big deal.  But, most people never lose that pound and keep on gaining a pound every year.  The average weight gain during adulthood is about one to two pounds a year.  With the holiday eating which contributes another one pound, no wonder most people gain more weight after 30s.  Every year, I heard people saying that “This year is going to be different because I will not get over indulged in the holiday feast.”  The same person will say the same while his body grows in size, horizontally.

Here are some helpful and practical tips to help you not to gain weight during year end holidays:

    1. If you are going to party, do not go there famished.  Eat something healthy before you leave.  Oatmeal, carrot, celery or other fruits help.
    2. Drink water during your meal. Water helps you to feel more full, which means you tend to eat less.  Water is too plain for you, how about adding a piece of lemon?
    3. I am not going to discourage you not to drink any alcohol, but remember to drink in moderation.  Alcohol contains much calories, be it beer, wine or hard liquor.  Go for sparkling drinks which are low in calories.  Do not mix your alcohol with soda because it just makes you drinking more calories.


    1. When you are at a party, select the least fattening food – those which are not fried, not oily, no smothered in cheese.  However, allow yourself for one indulgence.  Just one.  Once you make the choice, enjoy and do not look back.
    2. Get small servings. Small spoon and forks too, if that help.  Use small plates.  If you are using bigger plate, may be this tip may help – I have a friend who likes to keep an inch between each food.  Doing that help her to get small portions of her food.
    3. Talk while you eat, but not when your mouth is full, of course.  Engaging in conversation help you eat less.  If you just sit at the corner eating your food, trust me, you tend to eat more.  Keep yourself busy.  If you are the host, stand up, help serve food and entertain guests.
    4. If others host you and they keep asking to try their cookies, just say no without feeling obliged to eat.  A calorie is a calorie.


  1. You do not have to exercise more during the holidays.  If you can maintain your routine, it is good enough.  If you are back to hometown and do not have access to your regular gym, consider adding more activities to burn calories. Walk your parent’s dog, take stairs instead of lift and play outside with your nephews.

There is more to life than eating.  What you need is self control.  Do not get overboard.  Also, holidays mean more to us than just good food.



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