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All You Want To Know About Hair Washing But Never Had A Chance To Ask

August 31st, 2011 · 2 Comments ·


Excessive hair loss may affect one’s appearance.  Even as a man, I have paid much more attention to my hair.  In fact, I believe almost all women will place their hair as one of the most important assets.

Michelle, one of my blog readers, has written in to share her hair washing knowledge.  I have requested her to be my guest blogger and contribute her post on hair wash.  Here is her masterpiece…

Hi all, I am Michelle who is an avid reader of

Washing hair is an essential part of the hair care routine. It may seem like an ordinary task in our daily life, but you would be surprised a lot of people including myself do it wrong.  I did not realize it until I lose much head hairs a day whenever I washed my hair each time.  It came to my attention when my good friends commented on my excessive hair loss.  Hair loss makes me look older and untidy, most of the times.  To make things worse, men will tell you that hair is one of the features in a woman they look for.  Even other women tend to look at beautiful hair as one of the attributes of beauty.


My best friend then taught me how to wash my hair properly.  I decided to spend some time to do research before I tried out her methods.  After numerous attempts, I am glad that I have learned so much and eventually say good bye to my hair loss problem.  What I did was just to change my hair washing technique.  No medicine.  No big hole in the pocket.  And no more sleepless night thinking about hair loss.  So, if you suffer from the same problem and wanted to know more on the hair wash tips, this post is meant for you.

What Type of Hair Do You Have?
First thing first, you have to identify your hair type.  Three main types, namely:

  1. Dry hair
    • Dry hair appears dull and rough. It often gets frizzy and prone to split ends. Combing becomes a lot more difficult. Dandruff is another common problem.
  2. Greasy / fine hair
    • Fine or greasy hair looks limp and flat.  It looks as though it lacks volume and remains oily even after a shampoo wash. It requires more frequent washing than other hair types.  You may need to shampoo twice before applying conditioner (shampoo, rinse completely, shampoo again, rinse completely, and then proceed to condition).
  3. Normal hair
    • Normal hair looks healthy and does not remain greasy or dry all the while. This type of hair can be styled easily and can hold any type of hair style with ease.  Using normal shampoo and conditioner will do.


How Often Should You Wash Your Hair
How often you wash your hair depends on a number of factors, including how much oil your hair produces, the activities you engage in, the humidity where you live, and just what feels right to you.

Excessive washing may strip your hair of its natural, protective oils and cause excess frizz and damage.  On the other hand, if you do not wash enough, your hair may become greasy, unattractive locks and flat, dull styles.   Ideally, you should wash your hair 4 to 5 times a week, to nourish your scalp.  Try to avoid daily washing though unless you have to.  If you wash your hair daily, make sure you use the right type of shampoo that suits your hair.

For me, I wash my hair every other day.  I also wash my hair right after a session of rigorous exercise in the gym, jogging or mountain trekking.


How To Wash Your Hair
For effective washing, it is important to consider every step of the process to ensure your hair is clean.  The process has total 3 main steps as listed below.

  1. Shampooing
  2. Conditioning
  3. Drying

1) Shampooing:

  • Many different types of shampoo are available.  Consider characteristics of your hair before you buy a particular brand – whether your hair is dry, normal or oily.
  • The most suitable time to wash hair is at late evening or night after a day of exposure in the polluted environment.
  • Do not wash your hair everyday as this may leave your hair dryer stripping away the natural oils.
  • Before applying shampoo to your hair, get your hair completely soaked with water by rinsing it for around half a minute.  Doing this helps loosen dirt and scalp flakes.
  • Massage scalp gently to relieve tension and promote blood circulation on the scalp.
  • Now, pour a small amount of shampoo, around the size of a coin, between the palms of your hands.  How much shampoo you should use depend on the length your hair and quality of shampoo.
  • Then, rub both hands together and apply shampoo evenly on the hair.
  • You may want to massage shampoo into scalp with fingertips (not nails) with round movements to remove the dead skin cells, but do not scratch it.  Dead skin cells often result to dandruff.  You can start massaging front part of your head, then both sides, then the top and finally the part above your neck at the back.  Spend about half a minute for every part. This stimulates the blood circulation and increases hair growth.
  • Finally, completely rinse your hair until water runs out with no bubbles.  Make sure no shampoo is left in your hair.


2) Conditioning:

  • Every time after you wash your hair with shampoo, you should apply conditioner to them to keep your hair healthy. I seldom use the shampoo which has a mixture of shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can use a flat comb and comb out all the knots to make it extra smooth before you add conditioner.
  • Then, pour the conditioner on your palms just as you did with shampoo.
  • Instead of applying it on your roots, apply to the middle and ends of your hair.  Why? Your scalp produces its own oils to condition the roots, so you do not need to apply conditioner there.  The hair ends are damaged most and therefore require extra care.
  • Leave the conditioner for at least a minute.
  • Rinse completely until the water running down has no more suds in it.  Leaving some conditioner in your not beneficial. If possible, use cool water for the final rinsing which helps to close the hair shells and makes your hair shinier.  But, you do not have to use excessively cold water to rinse, just make sure it is bearable.


3)  Drying

  • Wrap your hair with a towel to remove additional water.  I recommend you to wait for half an hour to make it dry naturally. Do not rub or scrub your hair with the towel, as it may damage your hair.  If you find waiting for half an hour is too long, you can squeeze it gently with your hands.
  • I do not encourage you to dry your hair with blow dryer as drying your hair roughly may cause breakage and even pull hair out.  If you must use dryer, not to use hot air.  Also, stop just before your hair is completely dry and allow your hair to dry naturally.

By now, you are all set and I hope that you will wash your hair the right way.  I have taken the above steps to ensure that my hair is not only clean, but is also healthy, manageable, and stylish. With proper washing and other care, your looks can be fresh and beautiful every day of the week.


Hope you enjoy reading my post and thanks to Mun for inviting me to write for his blog!

Mun’s Note: This guest post is contributed by Michelle. If you would like to have your article being featured here, please let me know.  Cheers.



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  • Roxanne // Sep 1, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    I was browsing through and found your blog about hair. I have hair problem, especially with scalp problem, oily head and dry hair.

    I think this will be quite helpful for me as it teaches us the correct way to deal with hairs. Thanks for the post!

  • Jhon // Nov 13, 2011 at 6:54 PM


    I read this article about a month ago and I started practising a bit of “wash it every other day”.

    It rocks! Not only I don’t use gel or fiber or cream to mold but it has started to look better.

    I still have the problem though, of sweating after prolonged exercise and having to wash it with shampoo afterwards…

    And now that I will be engaging in a fitness routine, with every day exercises (whether cardio alone or with weights) I don’t know what I shall do, since I don’t wanna wash it every day.

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