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Biceps Workout (1) – Barbell Curl

September 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment ·


Many guys like to work out their biceps since biceps are exposed when we are wearing sleeveless shirt or when we are shirtless. So, many have spent much time in training biceps, especially with barbell biceps curl. However, most people do not get as much as they can out of barbell curls because of the terrible form. Yes, with the proper form, barbell curl can actually be the most important biceps workout. In fact, I do it as the first workout for my biceps.

Biceps curl is an isolation exercise which only biceps are involved. We have many variations to this superb biceps exercise, but let’s stick to the basic one in this post.


  1. Stand holding a barbell with both hands shoulder width apart (underhand grip).
  2. Palms should be face up in the grip.
  3. Keep the chest out and back straight
  4. The bar is at arms length almost touching your upper thighs.
  5. Lift the bar in a slow, steady arc until forearms almost touching biceps.
  6. Keep the elbows close to your sides at all times.
  7. Lower the bar in a slow arc back in a controlled manner causing the biceps to resist the weight as much as possible to the starting position (until your arms are nearly straight).
  8. Inhale up, exhale down.





This exercise is likely the most common to be done with terrible form.

  • Do not lean back or swinging the weight when you curl the bar up.
  • Your back should remain straight and upright at all times.
  • For the most part, the only part of the body that should be moving during this exercise is the lower half of your arms.


How are your biceps workout with barbell curl? I would like to hear from you too.



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