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Biceps Workout (4) – Seated Barbell Preacher Curl

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Preacher Curl is another great biceps workout to build strength and mass. A bit of history about Preacher Cur – Larry Scott, the first Mr Olympia (1965 & 66) is credited for coming out with preacher curl. So, this workout is also known as Scott Curl. Back then, not many people have 20 inches arms. But, Larry Scott, with the height of 5′ 8”, had those arms. Partly because of his preacher curls.



I personally like preacher curl for two main reasons:

  1. I believe that there is no other biceps movement will hold your upper arms as stationary as a Preacher Curl will. It allows you to put more weight and therefore more intensity focusing on the biceps. You may think dumbbell concentration curl is better, but I have seen many people start twist their upper bodies to raise the dumbbell. Pocking a stationary padded bench under your upper arms while you are seated (so you do not use your legs to help) is really helpful in stressing only the biceps.
  2. Second, Preacher Curl is an isolation exercise for biceps. Your shoulders will not be involved. Just stress straight to your biceps and nothing else. This exercise especially benefits the long head of the biceps brachii and nothing else.



  1. You will need Preacher Curl Bench and an EZ curl bar.
  2. The seat should be adjusted to allow the armpit to rest near the top of the pad.
  3. Grasp the bar using a shoulder width underhand grip (palms facing you).
  4. As you begin, be careful not to swing or rock to get it moving. The goal is to make the exercise hard on the biceps. Curl the bar upward in an arc towards your chin. Keep in mind that the resistance is greater at the beginning when you want to pull the barbell towards you.
  5. Raise the bar until your forearms are vertical. Your triceps (upper arm) should remain on the pad. Pause for a moment.
  6. Then, lower your barbell slowly until arms are extended but do not lock down your elbow straight. If your arms are fully straight, you will place tremendous amount of stress on the biceps tendon close to the elbow joint.
  7. Do 8 to 12 repetitions for 1 set. Perform 3 sets.




  • During the lowering barbell stage, do it as slow as possible to fight against the resistance. This is the stage your biceps muscle are challenged the most.
  • Keep the back of the arms in contact with the bench during the lift all the time.
  • Also, instead of using both hands, you can do this workout with one arm at a time.  Use dumbbell instead of the EZ Curl bar.
  • If you are wearing sleeveless shirt, you may want to put a towel at the pad which supports your armpit. I am sure you do not want to leave your sweat at the bench for the next person. Check out Top 13 Gym Etiquette You Must Know.
  • Instead of curl bar, you can use two dumbbells or straight bar. Most gyms also have the preacher curl machine.




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