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Britain Olympians Posed Naked For Sports Drink Advertisement

September 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment ·


Another few more athletes posed naked for photo shoots.  However, unlike Amanda Beard and Ashley Harkleroad who posed for Playboy, these few Britain top athletes, both male and female, were doing it for an advertisement for Powerade.  Powerade is a sports drink owned by Coca-Cola.  Cyclist Rebecca Romero, Triple jumper Phillips Idowu, and swimmer Gregor Tait have been photographed taking part in their respective sports event naked.  Those images were used by Powerade for its advertising campaign during Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

The idea may not be new, but I am quite impressed to see how award-winning photographer, Nadav Kandar, managed to capture those images.  Without their outer gear, the images show their most valuable asset – their body and it highlights their strength and power.  In fact, I was told that during the first Olympic Games at Athens, the competitors were competing without wearing any clothes.  Restricted to male audience though.

Without further ado, I will show you the Powerade advertisement picture and the real life picture of these three athletes:

1) Rebecca Romero is worth mentioning.
She won a silver medal at 2004 Olympics in year 2004 as a rower.  Four years later, she went to Beijing, but participating in another event – cycling and she won a gold medal.  She became the second woman of any country (after Roswitha Krause of East Germany) to win medals in two different sports at Summer Olympic Games.  Roswitha Krause won a silver medal in 4×100 freestyle relay in 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico and another silver medal with handball team in 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.



2) Phillips Idowu is an English triple jumper with his personal best of 17.75 meter for indoor event.  He is known for sporting a variety of hair colors, an array of facial piercings.




3) Gregor Tait is a well known Scottish swimmer specializing in 200 meter backstroke.



Those advertisement pictures are awesome.  What do you think?



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