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5 Tips in Using Elliptical Machine More Effectively

February 2nd, 2010 · 21 Comments

I have introduced elliptical machine earlier, now let’s look at some of the tips in using it: Many use elliptical machine because they can work out their arms and legs at the same time. However, you don’t have to hold on the handles all the time. By not holding them, you work on your core […]

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How To Buy A Good Running Shoes According To Your Feet Arch?

December 15th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Our feet support our body weight. They do that with arch formed by the bones and joint structure at the foot. In layman term, arch is the raised curve on the bottom of your foot. Knowing the arch shape of your feet may help you to get the right pair of running shoes.  But, many […]

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You Don’t Need A Pedometer To Know How Far You Have Run

November 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Google has created its name as one of the online trend setters. It has a free web mapping service application called Google Map. Few days ago, my friend showed me a special website created with Google Map. This website, Gmaps Pedometer, allows runners to track millage of their daily trek. How To Use Gmaps Pedometer: […]

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How To Firm Up Your Butt With Negative Heel Technology?

October 22nd, 2009 · 6 Comments

Ladies, want to tone your butt by wearing a special shoes? Earth Shoes may be the the answer. According to the company, by making the toes are 3.7 degrees higher than the heels, Earth Shoes are designed to shift your weight back to the most weight-bearing part of the foot (the heel pad).

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How To Train To Run Faster with Nike SPARQ Parachute?

September 9th, 2009 · 5 Comments

If running 100 meter is too easy for you, how about running with a parachute behind you? Yeah, you probably have seen NASA shuttle lands from sky with a big parachute. Now, to create the similar drag, Nike has released SPARQ Parachute for athletes. Runner needs to strap the belt around his waist. As you […]

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How To Swim Faster By Training with Aqua Power Ankle and Wrist Weights

July 21st, 2009 · 3 Comments

For swimmers who want to practice harder, now you may want to try these gadgets – Aqua Power Ankle and Wrist Weights. They will be make your routine swimming more challenging. These weights come with five one-pound steel weight for each side. These weights are covered in waterproof yellow vinyl. You can choose the right […]

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