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Chest Workout (10) – Cable Crossover

May 23rd, 2012 · 1 Comment ·


The cable crossover workout works similar to the dumbbell flyes.  However, cable crossovers are done standing.  It targets the chest muscles with an emphasis on the inner chest muscle.  More important, it brings out the impressive center line between your left and right chest muscle.


  1. To do this cable crossover, you need to find a cable pulley machine which has a pulley on two opposite tides.  Place both the pulleys on a position where it is higher than your head.  Select the resistance.  Hold the pulleys.
  2. Stand between the cable column.  Yes, right in the middle, right in between.  Feet should be shoulder width.  One foot in front of the other.  Does not matter, whether it is left or right foot.
  3. Your upper body should have a small forward bend from your waist.
  4. With a slight bend on your elbows, bring cables together in a hugging motion with elbows in fixed position.  You are like “hugging the tree”.  Make sure you are doing it in a slow controlled manner.
  5. Now, your elbows are almost at the same level with the shoulder joint.  Both of your hands should touch each other.  If you can, cross them so that you can contract your chest muscles as much as you can.  Hold for a second.
  6. Return your arms to the starting position slowly back to the initial position where your chest muscles are stretched.
  7. Throughout the workout, your arms and torso should remain stationary.  Your shoulder joint should be the one moving.





  • Your shoulders should be internally rotated so elbows are pointed upward when you start out and the elbows should point out to sides after you pull the pulleys together.
  • Use light weight for a start until you are familiar with the workout.
  • Make sure you do a full range of movement.  You should feel a stretch in your chest and contract intensely while you put your hands together.  If you find youself thrusting your shoulders forward, your chest is not working.  Your shoulders and back are the ones doing the job.  So, keep your head up throughout the exercise.  Also, do not bend your arms too much.  Just slight bend.
  • When you cross your hands, you can alternate with each repetition.  Mean, the first time your cross them, right hand above the left whereas the second repetition, the left will be above the right.





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  • Mario // May 24, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    I like this exercise a lot! Cable-crossover exercises are effective for building strong pectoral muscles. The tension in the cable provides a smooth and continuous resistance, unlike free weights, which can be affected by momentum.

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