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Chest Workout (7) – Criss Cross Press

May 27th, 2010 · 3 Comments ·

For ladies who want to firm up their sagging busts, I will recommend criss cross press. Just to manage expectation, this chest workout does not boost bust size, but to prevent them from sagging when you age. Proper strength training like this exercise will enhance the pectoral (chest) muscle below the breasts.


  1. Hold a light (or moderate heavy) dumbbell in each hand and lie face up on bench (or on a mat on the floor) with knees bent. Feet flat on bench.
  2. With arms out at sides, bend elbows so upper arms are at shoulder level and palms are facing forward.
  3. Contract chest and press weights up so that left wrist crosses over right.


  4. Pause and try to squeeze your chest.
  5. Slowly return your arms to the original position.
  6. On next repetition, cross right wrist over left.
  7. Continue alternating criss crosses for 8 to 16 reps.



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