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Commonly Used Gym Jargon – Know Them Before You Go To Gym For The First Time

June 21st, 2010 · 2 Comments ·


If you are a newbie to the gym, you may have heard some strange (or weird) jargon. I have compiled some of the common terms and hope that you will find them helpful:

  • Aerobic exercise: Steady paced training which requires plenty of oxygen. It increases your heart rate and strengthens the heart and lungs. Aerobic trainings include running, swimming, cycling, or using indoor machines such as rowers, steppers, cross trainers etc. It is also known as cardiovascular training or cardio.
  • Anaerobic exercise: Fast paced training which quickly less oxygen (compared with aerobic exercise). Quick explosive movements which lasts a short space of time such as sprinting.
  • Being pumped: A temporary increase in the size of a muscle after weight training. It is caused by increased blood flow to that area.
  • Cardio: This word is widely used. It is the short form of cardiovascular exercise. Same meaning with aerobic.
  • Cool down: Activities performed at the end of a workout which allows your heart rate to gradually slow down.
  • Core training: Training which involves abdomen and lower back muscles.
  • Gun show: Muscular arms
  • Hammies: Short form of hamstrings which are the muscles on the back of your thigh.
  • Juice: It is slang for steroids. So, when you hear a big hunk talks about “juicing”, he does not mean fresh fruit juice.


  • Mirror Muscles: Muscles which you can see when you stand in front of the mirror. They are chest muscles (pecs), shoulders (deltoids) and biceps.
  • Repetition (reps) and Set: Rep is a short form of repetition, which means one completed movement in weight lifting. Set is a group of repetitions done steadily and continuously. When I say, 3 sets with 10 reps each means you have done 30 repetitions in total.
  • Resolutionaries: People who join the gym during the first week of New Year and stick around for about a month.
  • Ripped: When we say, “He is ripped”, we mean the guy has a good defined physique.
  • Spin head: People who wear full biking gear to spin class.
  • Spot: Watch over a lifter’s exercise to help that person finish the set without getting injured.
  • Train to failure: When you have to struggle to finish your last repetitions in your weight lifting and you cannot work that muscle anymore after that set, you have “trained to failure”.

The above list may not be a complete list of terms used, but it is good enough to give a gym newbie some ideas. I am sure some of you have more terms to add. Let me know by leaving your comments down here and I will include them in the above list. Cheers.

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  • healthmed // Jun 24, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Thanks for sharing these common gym jargons! Been wanting to enroll these days to keep track of my fitness. Great job! :)

  • ms.broccoli // Jun 25, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Thanks for sharing! I’m planning go to the gym with my university friends this weekend. These common gym jargons are helpful to me.

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