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  • astrothsknot // Jan 23, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    Safety laws come into being because they are needed, not because legislators have nothing better to do.

    As for your first comment

    “I believe that many cyclists are wearing helmets because they perceive they may fall and get their heads injured. Nine out of ten, when asked about “bike safety”, they talk about the use of helmet. However, I would think the correct rider behavior and skill in handling the bike are more important. If cyclists operate their bicycles sensibly and abide by rules on the road, the risk is quite minimum. ”

    I would say that while correct handling of the bike or any equipment has a strong role in its safe use, let me offer up this piece of info from (ROSPA are a UK charity who campaign for the safety of the UK public. They’re highly respected)

    “Over half the cyclists who are hurt in accidents injure their heads, and nearly
    three-quarters of those killed have head injuries.Wearing a cycle helmet reduces the
    risk of receiving head and brain injuries in an accident as a helmet will cushion your
    head in a fall and its protective material reduces the force of a crash before it reaches
    your head.”

    There’s lots of such studies which can be accessed fromt their site, many done in conjunction with leading European universities.

    Whilst I’m usually impressed with your research and balance in your posts, in this case you off one piece of evidence to support an ill-informed opinion.

    If you chose to wear a helmet or not to wear one, laws aside, that’s a personal view. But at leat be aware of why you’re doing what you doing.

  • sylvesteR // Jan 24, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    Studies can be rather debatable as they do not cover in a large scale. So it’s just a common generalization but if people insists on wearing a helmet, I guess a coconut will be sturdy enough to be worn^^

  • iamyuanwu // Feb 3, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    I think you’re missing a whole lot of points:

    – It easier than you believe to fall on the head even if you’re cycling carefully, and as experienced cyclist. I have landed on the chin because the bike skided on a sandy patch on a road and I fell forward.

    – Cycling is not low speed, you can easily cycling up to 30-50km/h. At speeds like this, serious injuries can happen.

    – The helmet is meant to reduce friction when land on the ground so that you don’t break your neck. You head skids on the road/car bonnet instead of your hair/skin scrapping the road and breaking your neck.

    – It’s to protect your head in case you get hit by other vehicles (this is beyond your control. Experience doesn’t matter here.)

  • Dan // Apr 15, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    Unfortunately the dumb must be catered to again. Instead of people having good judgement and knowing whether their activities on a bike require protective gear or not. We have to make laws that interfere with reasonable to protect the dumb. Look at the crosswalks in the world, do you not know how or when to cross the street by looking?

  • les mullin // Feb 25, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    well im one of them boring gits who say were a hat I have cycled since I was 4 years old and im 57 now. Admittingly some of you hoorah henries will say well hes an old welly and bound to be a bit doddrey at his age. Well until recently accident free. Just that one occasion that I bought the hat for in the first place. I hit a pot hole on a road id cycled a thousand times I was turning around on my new boardman cycle cross when I hit a pot hole at about 4 miles an hour. I hit the road with such force it broke 4 ribs front and back punctured my lung and broke 2 bones in my kneck were if I hadn’t worn a hat the handle bars would of impaled my neck as opposed to breaking it. I for one will always mention to people to wear a hat whether they take advise or not is upto them
    But to the guy who advised me I owe him my life.

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