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Do Your Muscles Shake When You do Yoga or Weight Lifting?

April 25th, 2011 · 1 Comment ·


Sometimes, when you are doing shoulder press, push-ups, abs exercise or yoga pose, you notice that your hands or body shaking. I experience that sometimes too, when I try to finish the last few repetitions in some of my weight lifting workout. Have you wondered why this involuntarily shaking take place?

When our muscles are working hard in the way they are not used to, they will shake. Muscles quiver when they try to stabilize. It is just like bicep and triceps – when on is lengthen, the other is shorten. The shaking will stop when muscles get used to the exercise.

Having said that, if you are lifting dumbbell or barbell and your hands shake a lot, you are using weight which is too heavy. Go for lighter weight. Shaking too much may compromise your form and you are at the risk to get yourself injured.


Normally the next day after the “shaking”, your will have sore muscles. Your muscles have been “torn” when they handle the load during the workout. No worry, a typical muscle soreness will go away after 48 to 72 hours. Your muscles will repair and rebuild making you to be stronger. The stronger you are, the less you will shake.



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