Does Banana Contain Fat and Much Calories?


Have mentioned about the benefits of eating fruit for losing weight. However, you may have heard that banana has fat.

Banana has fat, really?

Banana is an ideal fruit. They are cheap (I mean, in Malaysia). There is a good supply all year. They can be digested by almost everyone. Nutritionally, bananas have a lot to offer. They have a higher carbohydrate content than most other fruits (by weight), making them a good snack choice for endurance athletes.

They also provide a good source of potassium, which is vital for controlling the body’s fluid balance and regulating heartbeat as well as blood pressure.

Hey, you haven’t answered my question – Does banana contain fat?

OK, I hear you.  Yes, banana does contains fat, but only 0.6 grams of fat.


The calorie content of bananas are low to medium. A small sized (peeled) banana contains about 80 calories. A medium sized banana contains about 100 calories and a large banana contains about 115 calories. (Compared with about 50 calories in Apple or Kiwi fruit.)

For every 100 gram of peeled banana, it has about 90 calories.

It is also interesting to note that the composition of carbohydrate calories change on ripening, the sugar levels rise and the starch levels fall as a banana ripens. It means that bananas are probably easier to digest when the more ripe and yellow the fruit becomes. One good place to store banana is refrigerator. In the fridge, the banana may turn brown/black. However, this is only a cosmetic change. The interior regions of ir will stay nice and fresh.

The calories in a banana are digested slowly and help supply the body with a steady source of energy. Bananas are great for an energy boost if eaten about an hour before physical activity.

In addition to the energy it provides, banana is said to provide benefits to people who suffer from anemia, blood pressure, constipation, depression, hangovers and even ulcers.


Moreover, it can can be used as phone.

So, let’s eat banana.

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  1. I personally like bananas. Bananas are known as high fiber fruits and also high in calory, hence providing energy in daily activities. However, you said bananas aid constipation, hmm, I wonder if it’s true? Cause, I’ve also heard that eating bananas can cause constipation. I don’t know which is right, can you or anyone enlighten me??

    Hi sylvesteR, I eat banana regularly too but I have not suffered from constipation before. May be for different people, it works differently?

  2. I’ve never stored bananas in the fridge due to the blackening of the skins – I just assumed the whole fruit had gone bad, so I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for the tip!

    Mun, just found your blog today. Nice work, keep it up.

  3. I love bananas! It can be addictive though…. If I am doing 2 cardio classes back to back, I will eat a banana while waiting for the next class. It helps to boost my energy for the next class.

  4. I eat one or two bananas every day with a bit of soya milk and added fruits on different days, for examlpe apples,strawberry,blueberrries,apples,pear,kiwi.etc. I change the mix every day but bananas are never mising and I havent put on a pound and this has not only aided my digestion but improved skin.Total rubbish about bananas make people gain weight its a fruit for God’s sake,there is no evidence in the world that anyone has gotten fat or gained just by eating afew bananas or any fruit or vegetable for that matter.Might I also add that this has been my breakfast for quite awhile now aside from a few other choices but I have this mix instead of those ridiculous breakfast cereals thats full of salt and hidden sugar.

  5. Hi,

    just to add to the comment that banana’s make you put on weight! bananas are high in calories but they alone can not make you put on weight that’s rubbish! remember to put on weight you have to take in 500 or so more calories than your resting metabolic rate. So banana’s and fruits with high calories along with other substantial protein portions of food can add to weight gain if you follow a plan properly!

  6. I think bananas are very great for the human body. They are not fatening in any way. If they are…it would be calories that give energy and potassium. I am no doctor or scientist…but i believe bananas and any other fruits are just great for you. Each fruit has a certain something that is great for your body. Its great knowing such deliciousness could be so healthy.

  7. I have chronic pancreatitis and can digest only scant amounts of fat. Coconuts and avocados are definitely dangerous for me. What, if any, is the fat content of a banana? thanks for your help.

  8. i have recently started a NO FAT DIET PILL that gives you uncontrolable bowel movements if fat is eaten… that bananas have .6 grams of fat……will that hinder the outcome of the medication i am taking……I LOVE BANANAS!!!!!!!

  9. i eat banana everyday after having my first baby,i never added weight, it is good ,if u eat banana and notice u re adding weight check if there re still other food u eat that contains high calories.

  10. hah??u can used banana as ur phone??!ohh,,really??i’ve never heared that before but thanks for the information…and please give me some tips on how to lose weight..if i eat 4 pieces of large banana a it okay??

  11. is it ok to substitute like 2 medium bananas as breakfast? caus i have a busy schedule and have no time to make breakfast, i’m really health and weight conscious!