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Greg Valentino – The Man with The Biggest Biceps in the World, But Will You Want To Be Like Him?

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So, you think your 20 inches biceps are huge? You probably need to check out Greg Valentino. At one time, Greg’s upper arms are 27 to 28 inches (about 71 centimeters). Just imagine some girls having 25 inches of waist and his one arm alone is bigger than those slim wait. Therefore, until today Greg Valentino still holds the unofficial title of “the world’s biggest biceps”.

Greg claimed that he has been working hard on his biceps for more than 20 years. He even said that he was doing 300 pounds of dumbbell curls. Let’s see whether he was really bullshitting.

Greg Valentino’s arm when he was 14 years old. With the weight of 145 pounds that time, his arm was about 18 inches.


Greg Valentino when he was 20 years old


Greg Valentino when he was 23 years old


Greg Valentino arm when he started taking steroid


Greg Valentino proudly showed off his arms after rumor saying that he started using synthol.




Rumor said that Greg Valentino has used synthol to pump up his size of biceps and triceps. Synthol is one type of Site Enhancement Oil (SEO) which is a liquid substance, usually a mixture of oils. Synthol is used by few bodybuilders to increase the size of muscles. This oil just changes the cosmetic look to make the muscle look as if it has been trained hard. It does not increase the muscular performance.

Though Greg Valentino admitted that he has used steroid and vitamin B-12 injection before, he denied that he has injected synthol into his arm. His argument is, “If my arms were all synthol, why wouldn’t I just keep using it and keep my arms 27 inches all the time?” Now, at the age of late 40s and height of 5′ 6″, his arm is 24 inches. No matter what, almost all bodybuilding magazine or online discussion boards accuse him on inflating his arms with that oil.

Everyone has the right to increase, shrink, enlarge, harden or do whatever he wants to his body. Girls have resorted to silicon implant for breast enlargement and some guys have tried to pump up the size of their penises. As long as they are ready for the side effect, it is their business.

At one time, Greg had abscess in his right arm (abscess is a painful swollen area which contains pus). He mentioned that he could fill up a jar with puss and blood from that arm. He eventually had to be admitted to emergency room and the doctor has to slice his bicep to clear the puss. At that time, he lost his “peak” arm. But only for a short while before he appeared in TV again with that amazing bicep which was “recovered”.



Many years ago, when people started doing weight lifting, their objective is to exercise and build muscles to help them in doing daily activities. Some went a step further to take bodybuilding seriously. They trained hard and watched their diet with great discipline to join competitions. But, some bad apples took an easy out by blowing weak body parts with synthol injection and showed them off as a product of their hard work. I am not saying steroid is a better choice. But, people who buy steroids and use them still need to do their work, train hard and eat. Synthol is just a shame. As long as you can afford to buy it and endure the painful injection, you can have 20 inches of biceps without training.

No, I do not wish to have biceps as huge as 24 or 27 inches like Greg Valentino’s. This guy is just obsessed with size and have forgotten the aesthetic side of bodybuilding. He does not care about whether his left arm and his right arm is symmetrical. Side effect, he does not give a damn either. He just wants them big. As long as he can have the world’s biggest biceps, he is happy.






In fact, Greg Valentino does not represent many other bodybuilders out there who are training hard. Some people labeled him as the most despised man in bodybuilding world. A laughing stock, some said. For me, he is just a freak and the reason he commands such a high publicity because ordinary people like to learn about the freaks.



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