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Have You Tried Gym Triathlon?

April 4th, 2009 · 3 Comments ·


When come to cardiovascular exercises in the gym, most people either run, cycle or row type during their workout. Mixing these exercises up at the gym is a fun way to beat the boredom and step up the challenge. Some people call it “Gym Triathlon”.

If you have only an hour for workout at gym, you can dedicate 20 minutes for each cardiovascular exercise:

  • 20 minutes for running on treadmill
  • 20 minutes for cycling
  • 20 minutes on rowing machine




If your gym has a pool, you can even dip in for a swim, but swimming 20 minutes non-stop will not be easy.

Take a 3 to 5 minutes break when you change the equipment. Take the time to record down your workout summary, drink water and wipe the equipment if needed to. When you are doing each of them, make sure you treat it as a race rather than a relaxed type of workout. Record your workout summary – the distance you travel and the calories you have burnt.

The issue with doing this type of routine is that you may not be able to get the equipment you want during peak hours or your gym only has few unit of each machines.

No matter what, give this program a try once in a while. Who knows, you may like it.



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