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How Adriana Lima Maintain Her Sexy Body Shape

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Adriana Lima is one of the highest earning models in recent years with about $8 million a year.  She is best known being the model as Victoria Secret Angel since year 2000.  She has appeared in many advertisements including Maybelline.

Adriana Lima is 5 feet 10 (178 centimeter) and weight about 130 pounds (59 kilogram).


Adriana Lima’s Workout and Diet
In many interviews, she mentions that she fails to control what she eats.  She claims that she eat meat, chocolate and cakes.  Also, she said that she did not go to gym.  But, her peers disclose that she did the exact opposite.

  • Adriana Lima has great discipline when comes to food.  It may be true she eats junk food, but she does not eat big portion.  She just eat very small portion to fulfill her craving.  She started her day with heavy breakfast and then taper calorie intake with smaller and smaller meal till end of the day.
  • Adriana Lima does Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial arts combining dance, music aerobics and choreographed play fighting.
  • Some of her cardiovascular exercises are jumping rope, running at least half an hour on treadmill and boxing.  Yes, right after she gave birth to her daughter, she boxes to get back to her pre-pregnant stage.  The reason she falls in love with boxing because boxing does not make her big.  Instead, it helps build lean muscles.  Because the boxing moves can vary from game to game, she never get bored to get consistently challenged.  Boxing does not only challenge her stamina but also trains on her agility.  The best thing is she could burn at least 700 calories in the right in an hour time.  If she boxes on punching bag, she could burn about 350 calories an hour time.
  • Talking about rope jumping, she does it to improve her boxing game.  It was never easy for her.  She started with merely 3 minutes of rope jumping to slowly build her strength and now she is able to do more.



  • Pregnancy also got her stop smoking.  Rumor saying she smoked to suppress her appetite.  She probably realized that this habit comes with a price for her and her baby.
  • She was exposed to yoga, but never take it seriously until she was pregnant.
  • She drinks lots of water and she ensures she get enough rest every day.  She is very religious doing so to maintain her skin complexion.



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