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How Eva Longoria Get Her Sexy Body For Desperate Housewives

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Eva Longoria plays Gabrielle Solis on the popular television series Desperate Housewives.  Born in 1974, the 35 years old actress, though stands at 5 feet 2 inches, is very slim with toned body figures.  She looks good from evening gown to bikini. In Desperate Housewives, she has to appear with sexy lingerie and therefore she always strive to look good in front of the screen. Many women wonder how she is able to maintain such body shape.  She does not wake up looking that hot.  She really works hard for that body with dedication in the gym as well as discipline in her diet.

Not many know that Eva was a former cheerleader, gymnast, personal trainer and aerobics instructor.  She even has a degree in kinesiology (study of how body moves) from Texas A & M University.



Eva Longoria’s Workout Regimen
Though Eva Longoria herself was a personal trainer, in order to get someone to motivate her, she still hires trainer to assist her.  Instead of going to gym which she tends to cancel the session, she gets her trainer come to her house.  Nowadays, he works out 4 times a week at home and each session lasts about an hour.

  • Eva warms up by cycling on stationary bike or run on treadmill for about 10 minutes.
  • Then, she does lunges, leg press, leg curls and squat.  These workouts help her to firm up her butt muscles.
  • To build toned sleek arms, she does these few workouts:
    • Bicep curls -She does it in a controlled movement with a pause of about 3 seconds at the top of the curl.
    • Preacher curl
    • Triceps Dip – She does triceps dip with the support of her trainer or a chair.
    • Triceps kickback
  • Other workouts include shoulder press and push-ups.
  • Between sets, she rests about 30 to 45 seconds.
  • She does a combination of routines because she finds it boring to do the same routine again and again.    In addition to weigh lifting, just like Marisa Miller, she trains with kickboxing too.  Kickboxing helps her not only in burning fat, but also toning her arm and leg muscles.  Sometimes, she also does hiking, running and yoga.  By doing different exercises, her muscles will not get used to the same motions.






Eva Longoria’s Diet Plan
Eva Longoria likes vegetables and fruits.   She loves spinach and brussel sprouts. She eats fish, yogurt and nuts.  She does not like carbohydrates.

Here is one of her sample menus:

  • Breakfast – Eva eats egg whites.  Sometimes, she has an omelet which is cooked with diced turkey, chopped tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. She usually eats her breakfast with a serving of fresh fruit.
  • Lunch – Eva usually eats chicken.  She likes stripped chicken cooked with peppers and currants sautéed in mango chutney sauce. Lunch is served with a salad and steamed vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack – Eva usually has Vanilla yogurt.  If not that, she will eat cucumber slices with a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  • Dinner – Eva usually eats fish and one of her favorite meals include fresh salmon which she marinates with ginger citrus sauce before being grilled. She eats it with a serving of fresh sautéed asparagus and fresh green salad.
  • Evening snack – Eva has apple slices with cheese or peanut butter.

However, Eva has cheat days in which she indulges in chocolate chip cookies.  She actually has been eating it since she was young.  While she hardly eat any fast food, she is fond of pizza which she eats at least once a week.

When she is at home, she prepares her meals.  She makes her own Mexican dinners with her favorite homemade tortilla soup.

Eva admitted that nowadays she works out religiously not because she has to shoot a bikini scene, but she realizes that she wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.  In her new home in San Antonio, she ensured that the architect has included a workout room in the plan.

Eva is naturally petite.  But, she is not skinny.  She has worked hard to ensure she has toned body shape to look good on red carpet.  She may have a tiny frame, but she is pound-for-pound as tough as her husband Toney Parker.  Last but not least, living with top basketball player helps to keep her on the right track too.





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