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How To Build Body Like Mark Wahlberg

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In year 1992, when Calvin Klein released its famous black and white underwear advertisement, many could not keep their eyes away from the models. Kate Moss was always being mentioned, but not the guy beside her. The young guy was actually the actor who has then appeared in The Perfect Storm (2000), Planet of the Apes (2001), The Italian Job (2003), I Heart Huckabees (2004), Four Brothers (2005), The Departed (2006), Invincible (2006), Shooter (2007), and The Fighter (2010). Yes, I am referring to Mark Wahlberg who had the washboard abs.

Mark Wahlberg got into jail for assaulting others when he was young. He lost his freedom two years there, but it was the place where he started working out at the prison gym. Many also did not know Mark Wahlberg actually was one of the founders of boy band, New Kids on the Block. His ripped athletic body earned him a place for Calvin Klein advertisement. He then ventured into Hollywood and carved out impressive career as an actor.

Throughout his career, be it in music or movie, one thing stayed the same for Wahlberg is working out. Before movie goers started paying attention to his body shape in his recent movie The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg has already got his good shape. His physique definitely helps open up many doors for him in many action movies.

Mark Wahlberg has very low body fat percentage during his early days, probably 6% to 8%. His abs look flat with the obvious 6 packs. Being young, and as a fat burning machine, he actually did not do any cardiovascular exercise. Not even any crunches. He focused mainly in weight training and had a very strict diet. He did mainly compound lifts such as squat, deadlift and bench press.

Mark Wahlberg actually started training for his role as Mickey Ward two years before filming began. Yes, no joke, two years. He built a big gym at his house at Beverly Hills . Not the typical gym. He has racks of iron, Power Plate (vibrating machine that works his muscles harder), punching bags, boxing ring, basket ball court, cardio machines and a framed autographed poster of Mohammad Ali. He was dead serious showing his best in The Fighter. That was why he spent the long two years learning to box. Even after the movie, he still keeps that workout. He engaged Brian Nguyen’s services as his personal trainer.

He jumps rope to warm up. Then, he does few sets of squats on Power Plate.



After that, he hit the speed bag and then heavy double-end bag. Five minutes each. He also practiced his punch on mitts. If he could get some of his buddies for sparring, he was game for that too as part of his workout. Monday was for legs, biceps, and back. Tuesday was chest, shoulders, triceps. Wednesday was legs and biceps again. He rested two days and started again on Saturday. By the way, when he did the weight training, he was wearing 35-pound weighted vest.

Right after boxing, he hit the iron. But not too long, just 30 to 40 minutes. He separated muscles groups into different days.

When the filming was about to start, he ramped up the training, up to 7 hours a day. He would run on an empty stomach and then go for a gigantic breakfast and ate like a champion – pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and muffins. Went home, hit the gym and took another big meal. He would fight ten rounds with three fighters, each with ten rounds. Then, did fifteen rounds of mitt work and rope jumping. Later in the afternoon, he would play basketball and then do weight training to do some shaping up exercises. Last but not least, he would do his core muscles workout. Wahlberg even spent time training in a sauna suit to experience the lifestyle of boxers. Had dinner and slept like a rock. In a nutshell, he trained like a professional boxer, building much functional strength.


Mark Wahlberg had to gain weight to play the out-of-shape role in the same movie. In order to put on 30 pounds of fat, he ate chocolate cookies, pasta and drank red wine. Once he has done that and shot those scenes, the director needed to do a couple of pickup shots in the boxing ring. Mark had to train like hell again to back into shape.

The reason Mark Wahlberg looks so good in silver screen is his dedication to his role. While we watch The Fighter in one and half hour time, this guy has spent two years training for it.





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