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How To Build Body Like The Rock or Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, is one of my favorite wrestlers.  In fact, to certain extent, I joined a gym because of him.  At one point of time, my friends and I just liked using the quote “Do You Know What The Rock Is Cooking?”

Standing at 6 feet tall, Dwayne Johnson was the defensive tackle at the University of Miami before getting involved in WWE.  He was injured and could no longer turn into professional.  He then tried his luck in wrestling world.  When he made the first appearance with WWE in year 1996, he was about 280 lbs, which he inherited from his college football player days

Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Plan

In the wrestling time,The Rock knew that he had to get leaner and faster to stand out from his peers.  He lost about 20 lbs of weight to stay at 260 lbs.  To train for WWE, The Rock incorporates plyrometrics movements – jump up onto boxes with explosive leg power to train his fast twitch muscle fibers.  This exercise was done so that he could move quickly around the wrestling ring.  Also, The Rock spend great amount of time to practice wrestling, which involves punching, kicking and grappling.  Last but not least, he did many isolation workouts to train individual muscle part.



The Rock great body shape, coupled with his playful character, helped turned him into a movie star.  From The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, The Rundown, Walking Tall to the recent Faster and Fast Five,  Dwayne Johnson become action heroes in all these movies which he showed his athletic built body.  He actually lost another 35 lbs to 225 lbs, and the body fat percentage has also gone down too, from 14% to 7%.  The body fat reduction was pretty significant and a better physique made him one of the highly sought after silver screen action stars.

In order to transform his body shape, his new personal trainer, Billy Beck, changed the workout routine.  During The Rock’s WWE days, he used to train one body part once a week.  Nowadays, he trains each body part three times a week.  Every session, he works on four body parts.  Therefore, he performs mainly compounds workout.  Instead of using the same workouts, he adjusts his rest periods, the amount of weight used, the tempo of the lifting and the number of sets as well as repetitions.  He goes for lighter weight, higher repetitions and little rest between sets.  He trains 6 days weekly with Sunday as a rest day.  The workout session lasts about 45 minutes.  Not too long, not too short, just nice to achieve what he wants.  Furthermore, he incorporates cardiovascular exercise in each workout session, done after the weight lifting routine.







Dwayne Johnson’s Diet
When Dwayne Johnson was playing football for his university, he ate like an animal.  But now, as a movie star, his diet is very clean.  He eats much protein food such as egg whites, skinless grilled chicken breast, and pork tenderloin.  He also takes brown rice and steamed broccoli.

Not forget to mention protein shakes and supplements such as multivitamins, ZMA, joint formula and glutamine.

He indeed has good self-discipline.  No fried foods.  No fast foods.  Six small meals a day.  However, once a week, he allows himself to indulge in large cheese pizza, donuts, cheeseburger or a soda drink.  This cheat day helps him to future cravings.  Peter Berg, the director of The Rundown, told reporters that Dwayne actually ate a dozen of donuts himself and shared the other half-dozen with the crew.

In a nutshell, The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are two different body shapes.  The Rock, a wrestler with the funny eyebrow and big bulky muscle man; Dwayne Johnson, an actor who got himself into the body shape of an action hero in many movies.




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