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How To Burn Calories by Cleaning Your Floor Easily with Slipper Genie?

June 11th, 2012 · No Comments ·


Have you ever want to burn more calories at home, and at the same time, cleaning up your floor while waking around? No, I am not talking about mopping floor.  Cleaning floor does not have to be always boring.  It can be more fun and easier than you thought.

Someone has just come out with this Slipper Genie which is a cleaning slipper mop shoes.  It has microfiber fingers on the soles.  These fingers will grab dust, dirt, hair or even dog’s fur when you are walking around.  You can detach the sole for washing.  The shoes look bit ugly, but they are definitely better than walking around with socks.  Thick socks tend to pick up dust or hair too.



These “cleaning slipper mop shoes” are meant to be used for wood, tile, ninyl and not meant for carpet.  Also, do not get too excited with these Slipper Genie and keep walking on the wet floor.  According to the manufacturers, these shoes are only suitable for dry floor.  So, do not “mop” wet floor with them.

Good news for men.  The shoes come in only woman’s sizes, from size 6 to 9.  So, is this meant that it is still woman’s job to do the housework?  I prefer to look at these shoes from a more positive perspective – Regardless of the size, I will buy few pairs and offer to my female visitors so that they can help me cleaning my floor.


Amazon has offered close to 50% discount on the pink and the green color of Slipper Genie.  Get them from there and have fun!



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