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How To Carry More Water While You Run For Marathon? Introducing Nathan Speedbelt.

June 18th, 2010 · No Comments ·


If you always cycle or run long distance outdoor, you know that it is hard to stay hydrated. Carrying a large bottle can be annoying when you secure it at your waist level or you carry a bag with water bottle in it. The bottle may bounce and I am sure you will find it uncomfortable.

Now, a company has come out with special belt called Nathan Speedbelt – one with two holders (Speedbelt 2) and one with four holders (Speedbelt 4).

Here are some of the cool features:

  • These holders are evenly placed and therefore making the weight of water bottles are evenly distributed around your waist.
  • Once the bottles are secured, they will not shift. The belt holds the flasks bounce free without being restrictive.


  • Water bottles come with the belt. These bottles have curved shape and they fit nicely into the holders or cages. As each bottle has about 10 ounces (320 ml) of water, you can have up to 40 ounces of water in total if you get the one with four holders. Depending on individual, one should go for Nathan Speed 2 if run for 5 to 10 miles whereas Nathan Speed 4 is more suitable if you run more than 10 miles as you will need more water then.
  • You can have different fluid in the bottles – probably 1 or 2 with plain water and others with electrolyte drink or sports drink.




  • You will find a zipped pocket at the front which you can keep your small essentials such as iPod, mobile phone, wallet, keys or powerbar.
  • The belt comes with 3 sizes, small (26 – 32 inches of waist), medium (32 – 36 inches) and large (36 and 42 inches). All these belts are still adjustable.
  • Last but not least, Nathan Speedbelt are light weight.



So, the next time you participate in marathon, you will have this special gadget of hydration waist packs to ensure you stay hydrated. No more bottles bopping up and down while you are running!

Buy Nathan Speedbelt from Amazon.



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