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How To Drink Less Alcohol and Lose More Weight?

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Unlike water, alcohol has calories.  One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.  So, if you thought that you are safe by not drinking soda or eating burger, not really.  You will still gain weight if you drink a lot of beer, wine or hard liquor.  In fact, not only alcoholic drinks have calories, they also increase your appetite and reduce your will power.

Cutting down the intake of alcoholic drink may not be easy for everyone.  However, the result of doing so can be rewarding when you are seriously looking ways to slim down.  Here are 5 methods to help you cut down on the booze:

5 Ways To Drink Less Alcohol

  1. Go for alternatives to alcohol. You can have non-alcoholic cocktails or even non-alcoholic wine.  If you are hosting a barbecue, you can always serve plain orange juice mixed with sparkling water.  Worse, instead of normal beer, you can opt for light beer.  Check the label of the can to find out the calories.
  2. Based on my experience, drinking clear alcoholic drinks such as rum or vodka is better than mixing with soda which has sugar content.  I prefer to have vodka on the rocks.  If it is too plain, a slice of lemon, will help to infuse the drink with flavor.


  3. If you are chilling out with friends at bar or pub, you may find it hard not to drink.  The usual words like “Come on, you are not fat.  One won’t hurt” will always tempt you to drink.  You know that once it starts, one glass after another will happen.  I am not saying that you should not go to those places.  But, be prepared to be firm if you do not want to drink.  Here are some of the reasons (or excuse) you can use:
    • I am on antibiotics.  Doctor asked me not to drink.
    • I am driving today.
    • I am on tight budget this month.  (If you know that your generous friend is buying drinks that night, do not use this excuse.)
    • I just drank last night.  I want to go light today.
    • I just don’t want one.
    • I just stick to water, thanks.
  4. Having non-alcoholic drinks and good excuse may help, but what is more important is your commitment to drink less or to quit drinking.  You need to know what lifestyle you want.  I am not asking you to change drastically.  Many ways to help you to stop thinking about beer.  Commit yourself without any beer, say for 2 weeks.  I have friends who have cut from 2 bottles of wine a week, to 1 bottle a week, then to half bottle a week and eventually he only drinks socially, which is about once a month. I know some people restrict to drink only “special occasions”.  Sound good, but what surprise me was that watching television and reading books are considered one of those occasions too.  Again, commitment is important.
  5. Use the money you save by not drinking to buy yourself something special.


In my line of job, though it does not revolve around bars or clubs, it is not easy to drink less if I am not determined.  I myself do not like to drink, but sometimes, turning down an offered drink can be rude.  However, more than once, I am assertive with my stand and say, “Thanks, but no thanks”.

How about you, any other ways to drink less?



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