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How To Exercise While Working on Desk At The Same Time with TreadDesk?

June 15th, 2012 · No Comments ·


Office workers spend 4 to 8 hours a day sitting. Rather than sitting all day, now, you can walk while you continue to work at your desk. A company has come out with an walking exercise machine called TreadDesk which is a short form of Treadmill + Desk.

According to the inventor, Jerry Carr, by having more exercise, employee can lose weight at work, become healthier, and fewer sick days. He mentioned that this tread desk is not a sound business idea 20 years ago. Nowadays, companies offer benefits such as gyms for employees to use, discounts for gym memberships and free health screenings. So, his invention may be riding on the right wave.



By walking at a slower pace at 1 to 2 miles per hour, you can type and talk on the phone. The pace may be slow, but you can burn 300 to 600 calories a day if you really stand and walk for few hours with TreadDesk. You can burn about 100 calories an hour with the pace of 1 mph. Of course you can walk faster but any faster than that will make your typing to slow down and affecting your productivity. Therefore, the top limit of the speed of Tread Desk is 4 miles per hour. You want faster, then go to run on a proper treadmill in gym.

If you are too tired to walk, you can then push the button to lower the height to the standard desk height. The same can be done to raise the desk with hydraulics. The company is quite thoughtful. It can custom made Tread Desk to fit nicely into your floor so that your chair can roll over it. The desk comes in 6 sizes, but again, custom built unit is possible. Therefore, the price range of the entire package is typically between $900 and $1500. The machine alone is $695.



Whether TreadDesk is just a fad, it is yet to be known. I have heard stories people sitting on Swiss ball in the office while doing work training for core strength. So, anything is possible, but probably only after the price has been slashed.



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