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How To Firm Up Your Butt By Walking?

January 4th, 2014 · No Comments ·


We all are blessed with different body types.  Most girls want to have their lower half toned and slim, especially the butt portion.  If you like walking, you can actually firm up your butt by incorporating some of the tips here:

5 Tips To Firm Up Your Butt By Walking

1) When you walk, try squeezing your butt.  Imagine that you can “tigtening” your butt.

2) Swing you arms while you walk.  Moving your arms at your side will make you walk faster and burn slightly more calories.

3) Instead of striding only big steps, try walk with smaller steps for certain distance.  You will recruit other muscles when you do smaller step.  Focus on pushing and propelling forward.

4) Walking up hills can help targeting your glutes.  If you are exercising at your gym, you can set your treadmill to incline.  Walk on it for about 20 minutes without holding the hand rail and the next day, you will feel how hard yout butt has been working hard.

5) If you are using elliptical trainer, do not hold the handles for support.  You can still swing your arm naturally.  Concentrate on your leg and buttock muscles.


As you can see, not a rocket science.  Try some of the tips listed up there and I am sure you will have a round firm butt soon.  As for ladies who still want to work on their butt even on casual walk, you may want to check out  FitFlop.



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