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How To Have Halle Berry’s Body Shape

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Halle Berry was the first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant in year 1986.  She has been named as one of the Most Beautiful Women by People Magazine 11 times.  She has appeared in many movies including The Flintstones (1994), X-Men series, Monster’s Ball (2001) and Die Another Day (2002).  At the age of 47 in year 2013, she is still fit and beautiful.

Halle Berry was chubby when she was young.  When she was 23 years old, she fell into a diabetic coma for a week.  That incident made her realized that she had to make a lifestyle change.  She cut back read meat and processed food.  Even until today, she has been on restricted diet.

Halle Berry and 5 Factor Fitness Plan
Halle Berry tried 5 Factor Fitness Plan and she was a fan of the program.  This plan is designed by fitness and diet guru, Harle Pasternaks.  Harle Pasternaks worked with Halle Berry to prepare her body shape for Catwoman movie.

5 Factor Fitness plan is a 5 minutes of each exercises, including:

  1. Warm up – To enhance blood flow an increase heart rate preparing the muscles for exercise.  Speed walk is an example.
  2. Upper body strength trainingbicep curls, chest press or push up
  3. Lower body moves – walking lunge or squat
  4. Core muscles training – crunches on medicine call
  5. Fat burning cardiovascular exercise –  trains on elliptical machine.



Halle Berry liked it because it is a simple and non-time consuming workout program with 5 minutes allocated for each phase.  So, 25 minutes a day.  Not many equipments are needed, except a bench and dumbbell.  Though the phase is the same everyday, the sequence, repetitions, resistance and workout may be different and the intensity varies too.  It can be high pace on Monday and slower pace on Tuesday.  Halle Berry worked out only 5 times a week and rest for 2 days.

As for diet, Five Factor Diet is also a non time consuming program.  Each meal supposed to have not more than five ingredients and should not take more than 5 minutes of cooking time.
Five healthy meals a day where she eats only nutritious and non fattening food.  Having said that, she is allowed to have one cheat day a week.

Eva Mendes (star in Hitch and Ghost Rider) is also on 5 Factor Plan.

Halle Berry’s Latest Workout and Diet Plan
Halle Berry was on Five Factor Diet for some time until she engaged another personal trainer, Nat Barfonnet.  As age is catching up, she needs a special workout plan targeting her thighs, butt, hamstrings and abs.

Instead of using heavy dumbbell, her trainer uses her body weight for most workout.  He also designs the workout to be different in each session so that her body does not get used to one exercise.

According to Nat, Halle Berry avoids fried foods, sugar, flour, cheese, rice and pasta in most days.  She eats lots of fresh produce, lean protein, complex carbohydrates and much water.

Halle Berry likes kickboxing as it is nice mix of upper and lower body exercise.  She also likes moving around to burn calories.  She likes hiking.  Instead of taking elevator, she takes chairs.


Mun’s Comment
Halle Berry probably is blessed with good genes to have great body, but she has been eating well and exercise regularly to look her best.  Her sexy curve is definitely differently than the Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez‘s curve.  Halle Berry has small waist and reasonable size of firm butt and therefore giving a good hourglass illusion.

By the way, one little secret of managing her lovely physique. She does not look at her weighing scale everyday.  She just tries on her Bond bikini.  If she cannot get into it, she knows that she has to work out harder and eat less junk.



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