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How To Jump Rope without Rope? Introducing JumpSnap.

September 17th, 2007 · 5 Comments ·


Adult seldom do the traditional rope jumping which kids enjoy playing. Probably, for those who are not able to jump really well, including myself, the bigger we are, the more painful we feel when we fall.

Still, just like jogging, rope jumping is a good cardiovascular workouts. When I came across a ropeless jump-rope from the Net, I was really curious to find out more.

What, jumping rope without rope? Isn’t like eating chicken rice without rice? Or hot dog without dog?


Back to the topic. Designed by Brad LaTour, this rope is known as JumpSnap. It has two handles with two blue free-swinging plastic balls. JumpSnap will make small “snap” sound with each rotation (like a rope hitting the floor). The sound provides you with a rhythm, as if the rope are still connected. In fact, the snapping sounds gave the inventor the inspiration for the product’s name. If you do not like that sound, no worry, you can actually turn it off. Since the gadget defines a jump as “to spring off the ground”, you will not be able trick JumpSnap by twirling them when you are laying on the bed.

So, who will most likely buy into the idea of jumping without rope by using JumpSnap?

  1. I believe that travelers, who want to keep in shape while on the road, will find this compact gadget handy. JumpSnap fits easily in a bag. The best is, it will not hit the ceiling in your hotel. So, for people staying in small spaces or with low ceilings, JumpSnap will help in this case.
  2. If you always trip yourself with rope, JumpSnap may be the solution. In a way, you will get what you want – won’t get tripped anymore. However, one should understand that part of the fun of using a real jump rope is to learn to coordinate and control the movement. If that is the goal, JumpSnap may actually defeat the purpose. But then again, some people cannot jump high enough or fast enough. If that is the case, I rather want them to try JumpSnap than giving up before they ever get to experience the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope.
  3. Because of the space benefit, in addition to travelers, students in some gym classes can use JumpSnap to avoid smacking other’s faces. You can even do it in the office!


If you look at the picture of the JumpSnap, you will notice the ends of the handles have weighted blue balls attached to a short string to simulate the jumping rope action. Based on what I read from Internet, most of the users mentioned that these balls work great as long as one is perfectly rotating the handles. However, if you break the rhythm, change hand position, or stop, the balls will whack you in the hand and that really hurts! So, even though JumpSnap does not have rope, make sure no body is standing close to you when you jump as these people may end up with a bump on their head or a black eye caused by the fast twirling balance balls.

My friend mentioned that a normal good jump rope is very cheap. Even with the rope, normal jump rope is still cheaper, compact and portable. He is happy with an actual rope. Moreover, he gets to enjoy the sound and feel of a real rope.


Just like my friend, initially, I found it hard to accept JumpSnap. However, after watching Bret’s review (video below), I learned a few things about JumpSnap that have made me reconsider its potential uses. Why?

JumpSnap has an electronic chip inside it (powered by 2 AAA batteries). This chip calculates the calories burned based on height, weight, and number of jumps. Additional features on the handle’s LCD include a timer, target mode, audible workout summary, screen saver and auto shut-off feature. Normal jump rope will not tell you all these information.

Also, there are removable weights that can be inserted in the ends of the handles. The light weights are small (narrow cylinders) that can be inserted into the handles. There are 3 weights for each handle and you can add them one by one or choose not use them at all.

According to the inventor, “What most people do when they jump rope, they are so conscious about the rope that they overjump.” He is probably right. So, with JumpSnap, you do not have to overjump anymore.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think. Last but not least, it is sold at US$50 at Amazon compared to the normal retail price of US$60. If you are interested, get one from Amazon.



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  • sylvesteR // Sep 17, 2007 at 1:36 AM

    As good as it may be, I still think real jump rope is better in terms of coordination and movement. No doubt JumpSnap works the same, but still people can cheat with it right, as in jump higher or lower etc. There’s nothing wrong in tripping; you won’t learn if you don’t fail and the real rope will eventually induce a psychological effect to avoid the rope; making them a better jumper but then again, JumpSnap is also not bad in the sense that you can control the weight and the additional infos on it. By the way, how do they detect the movement? With infrared or something? And us$60 is heck of a price.

  • lex // Sep 25, 2007 at 9:50 AM

    the vid looks a bit weird to me, jumping around twirling 2 small balls

  • ed // Jul 1, 2008 at 9:56 PM

    Silly really… don’t see the point. What’s next, bicycles without wheels?

  • Inprogress // May 1, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    Bicycles without wheels are already here (more or less) – spin class anyone? I have not tried this product but just ordered it and look forward to using it. People who dismiss it saying you can jump in place for free overlook the psychological motivation of the calorie counting feature and the pace-keeping snap effect. I have high hopes.

  • Avinash Gowardhan // Jul 14, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    I am 64 year old now.I was using Jump-rope since long.Problem with me was snapping of the rope in the middle,where it touches the floor. What I did was to tie ends of broken rope near the handles.Both handles were now having a loop each.Presto ! I started jumping with these handles having a loop of the broken rope.Now I was jumping without rope.I could jump in grass,wet earth good for my knee joints.I could now turn around while jumping as there was no rope between my legs.Now I jump to the right,left front and backword with this new ropeless skipper.Jumping while watching TV is a fun and you do not bother about ceiling fan as there is no rope.

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