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How To Reduce Your Wrists Pain While Doing Push Up?

March 2nd, 2013 · No Comments ·


Push up is a common body weight exercise which many use to strengthen chest and triceps muscle.  However, some people find it hard to do push up, even just 3 to 5 repetitions, because of the strain at the wrist.  My cousin brother was one of them.  Last month, he just came back from US with this gadget called Perfect Push Up.  I had a chance to try it and here is my review.

Here are my comments:

  • Perfect Pushup has unique designed rotating handles with nice padding.  These rotating handles allow your arm to rotate naturally when you push up and down.  My hands rotated at 45 degree on the way down and I found that it was quite natural to do so.  This movement reduces strain on wrists and elbows.  With proper wrist angle, I only stopped because of muscle fatigue rather than caused by the sore wrists.


  • Though less strain is felt on the wrist, because of the rotating movement, I found it hard to stabilize my upper body when I first used the equipment.  My other muscles of shoulders, abs and triceps will come into play for stabilization.  I am able to do at least 30 regular pushups with body weight, but with this gadget, on my first attempt, I managed to survive less than 15 repetitions before I collapsed.  If you have never done any push up before, not even with your own body weight, when you do the push up with Perfect Push Up, you may want get someone to spot you.  The spotter will support you by helping you to complete at least 5 repetitions before you collapse.
  • My hands were elevated 3 to 4 inches from the floor, therefore, with greater range of motion, the push up exercise gave me unexpected type of workout.  A totally new push-up experience.


  • Initially, from the box, I thought they were made of steel, but later found out that they were actually plastic.  I thought they were fragile and wonder they could really support my body weight.  After trying for few times, I was wrong.  These things are completely solid.
  • Despite all the good points I just mentioned, Perfect PushUp is not really perfect without any flaw.  This thing does not work well on carpet. They are designed for bare floor.

Perfect Push Up was invented by a former US Navy SEAL, Alden Mills.  According to my cousin brother, the manufacturer has a special DVD in the shop that shows different usages of this gadget.  I had a check on Amazon and yes, Perfect Pushup Power 10 Workout DVD is available.  Actually, even without the DVD, the box comes with a poster showing some basic push-up methods.




If you want to have a home gym, in addition to a Balance ball (Swiss ball) and exercise mat, you may want to consider this Perfect PushUp.  It does not take up much space.  Also, it makes a good gift for people who like doing push up at home.  Beside the normal unit, the manufacturer has also a mobile version for travelers.  Mobile version allows you to dismantle it to be more compact.




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