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How You Can Carry Water Bottle At Your Wrist While You Are Jogging

August 7th, 2012 · 1 Comment ·


Jogging or running with a water bottle can be annoying.  No worry, someone came up with a creative wrist water bottle called HydroSport.  This bottle is fastened around your wrist like bracelet so that you are really hands-free when you run.  Each bottle holds 4 ounces of water and weights half a pound.  So, it is not really a lot of water and not heavy either to actually cause stress on the joint.

I probably will buy this unique water bottle for my nephew who likes to run around yet often forgot to drink enough water.  I am sure he will want them to be filled up with Ribena.  As for myself, if I really run outdoor, I guess I will stop and get a drink instead of carrying this HydroSport.  After all, 4 ounces is only half a cup, too little for a person who work out for extended period of time on in hot weather.  I believe some balance and coordination may still be needed when you try to drink while you run!




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  • julie // May 11, 2013 at 6:30 AM

    These wrist water bottles actually hold 11 ounces total, which is plenty for a short run under an hour. And they can be frozen to lower your body temperature.

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