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Legs Workout (5) – Dumbbell or Barbell Forward Lunge

August 16th, 2009 · 3 Comments ·


With dumbbell lunge, main muscle groups being worked out are front thighs (quadriceps), butts (gluteal maximus), hamstrings, and front thighs (quadriceps). I highly recommend this workout for ladies who want to firm up their thighs and butts.


  1. Hold two dumbbells in your hands by your sides. Feet shoulder width apart. Use light dumbbell as a start. In fact, for beginner, start off without any dumbbell, just use purely your body weight.
  2. Step forward with one foot. Land on heel then forefoot.
  3. Slowly lower the whole body downward in a controlled movement. Both knees bend as the body lowers. Go no farther than 90 degrees with the knee joint. The front thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure that your front knee does not reach out past your toes as this posture will increases the risk of a knee injury. As for your rear leg, its knee is almost in contact with floor.


  4. Return to the original standing position by driving upward forward with the front leg. Do not bounce in the bottom position.
  5. Repeat using another leg by stepping forward.




  • Keep your upper body upright. Chest up.
  • Look forward. Do not look down.
  • A long lunge (big step forward) emphasizes the butt muscles whereas a short lunge (small step forward) emphasizes thighs.
  • Use light enough dumbbells that allow you to do a deep and full range of motion lunge.
  • For advanced exerciser or people having issue with grip strength on the dumbbell, you can try having barbell with weights on it and hold atop the neck and shoulders.


If you wonder why this workout is called “Forward Lunge”, yes, we have a version of called “Reverse Lunge” which I will write it some other day.



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  • Jessie // Aug 16, 2009 at 12:38 AM

    I like these routines you have put up here, they made my legs sore as hell which is a good thing lol Means they’ll be toned and rock hard the day after.

  • Shannon P. // Aug 16, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    This is my secret to getting a nice ass. If you really want to tighten your glutes its all about lunges baby!

  • sushi lover // Nov 3, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    Yup…true…this is definitely the ‘bestest’ exercise to get a nice ass…i’ve been doin lunges for legs training for abt 2 months & it works!!! it’s tightened my glutes and thighs i really loike :) In fact i really love grabbing my own ass hahahahaha

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