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Men Are Different Than Women When Comes To Weight Loss

August 24th, 2012 · No Comments ·


In weight loss game, men and women have different approach. Because of that, weight loss strategies that motivate men may not work for women and vice versa. Guys behave differently than women.

1) Guys Not Prone To Emotional Eating

Men are easier to say no to the temptation to resort to emotional eating when they are upset or under stress. Also, the will power is much stronger for men when comes to food. Many women continue to crave their favorite food even they have tried hard to think of something else. Having said that, when I was in university, whenever my male housemate had a bad day, he grabbed pizza, a can of beer and a bag of jelly beans and sat in front of TV for the entire night. I have also seen my colleague swallowed down frozen pizza and few cans of soda while he was figuring out things on his PC.

2) Guys Are Not Nutritional Savvy

I found out that women are more eager to learn about nutrition than men. My mum read food label and my wife talks about nutrition values when she is looking at her recipes. Most guys rather read the engine details of cars or football team than reading the food labels.


3) Guys Likes To Compete

Most girls support each other when comes to weight loss. They co-operate and put in effort together to motivate each other to lose weight. For guys, we tend to do better if we are competing with peers, even for weight loss goal. I have seen male gym members betting for drink with others if he could lose 10 pounds of weight within a month.

4) Guys Seldom Care How They Look

Men seldom care about their appearance. At least, not publicly complain about our weight. In fact, some men proudly pat their beer tummy. Women are more conscious about their shapes and tend to use clothes to cover up their fat. Women also more likely to be on diet because of peer pressure compared to men.

Having mentioned all the above points, not every item is true. Nowadays, younger males or the metrosexual men are more interested in how they look. So, they know what they eat and care about how they look.  It is never my intention to be sexist towards men or women. This article is just a simple generalization. There is no such thing which gender is better than another. Both genders should learn from each other when comes to weight loss, dieting and exercise.




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