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A New Beginning for Mun Fitness Blog. A Better One.

posted on August 1st, 2007 ·

A true story. A tragic one. Why You Should Get Your Own Domain.

My name is Mun.

This post is not exactly my first post. I started a blog with Blogger (also known as Blogspot) in August 2005. Everything has been running great there for about 2 years until last week.


On 24 July 2007, my fitness site suddenly disappeared. A new owner has claimed the domain name. Thought that fellow has hijacked my account. Later, was told that Blogger may have classified my blog as spam blog accidentally. Once a blog fell into that category, it will be deleted.


So, Blogger has deleted my blog. It has also released the domain name to others. Gone were my 520 posts and 1680 comments. 2 years worth of effort went down to the drain within a day. The feeling is like hitting my head with a 50-pound dumbbell and the pain goes straight into the flesh and deep into my heart. (more…)

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