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Legs Workout (15) – Leg Extension

posted on January 25th, 2013 ·


Leg extension is leg exercise performed using Leg Extension machine targeting quadriceps muscle. Because it is an isolation workout, it should be considered as a complete leg workout replacing squat or deadlift. Quadriceps actually are the largest muscle group in your body. They are about one third of your legs. (more…)

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Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes

posted on January 16th, 2013 ·

Mun’s Note: This is a second guest post by Wee Kiat.  He has contributed a great post before – How To Make Tuna Salad – Step By Step

Many of us have our respective physique and fitness goals. However, we tend to forget the importance of nutrition when it comes to achieving these goals. The reason for this is obvious. Most of us just want to put our effort in that one or two hours in the gym, then go on with our daily routine not having to bother about our health. Still, the fact remains that whatever you put into your body is as important as how you train it. Thus, here is a list of the 5 most common nutrition mistakes. Avoid them and reap the benefits of better health and progress towards your fitness goals. (more…)

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The Truth Of Target Heart Rate For Fat Burning

posted on January 11th, 2013 ·


Many of us want to lose body fat. You probably have heard people telling you that you could identify the exercise intensity within certain range of heart rates so that you can have the highest body fat burn rate (or the so called highest rate of fat oxidation).

In fact, have your personal instructor asking you to put your palms on the bar when you are running on treadmill? What he wants to do is to get the reading of your heart rate. Once he knows your heart rate, it is easier to find out whether you are performing the exercise effectively. Now, with or without personal instructor, let me share with you how you can calculate your target heart rate zone and the real truth behind myths about this topic.

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All You Need To Know About Vitamin E

posted on January 5th, 2013 ·


Even though its name makes it sound like a single substance, Vitamin E refers to a group of fat soluble antioxidants, which act in the body to protect against cell damage.  It exists in 8 different forms.  Alpha-tocopherol is the most active form of Vitamin E in our body.  It is a powerful biological antioxidant and therefore it has become synonymous with vitamin E.

Vitamin E Nutritional Values

  1. Some types of cell damage are thought to be caused by “oxidant” action of free radicals.  Although humans must breathe oxygen to stay alive, oxygen can be a risky substance inside our body because it can make molecules overly reactive. When oxygen-containing molecules become too reactive, they can start damaging the cell structures around them. In chemistry, this imbalanced situation involving oxygen is called oxidative stress. Some studies believe that vitamin E can be a good antioxidant which helps to prevent free radical reactions and therefore protect against  heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases and Parkinson’s disease.  However, the effect has yet to be demonstrated with conclusive answer. (more…)

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Why Beyonce Gain Weight Easily?

posted on December 31st, 2012 ·


I categorize Beyonce in the same league as Jennifer Lopez, when come to body shape.  I would have included Mariah Carey in the same space, but I guess it is bit unfair to Beyonce and J Lo.  These singers are good, but their bodies are considered “not small” when we compare to others who are petite and slimmer.  In a more polite term, “curvy” is a diplomatic way to describe the shape.  Some many think Beyonce’s body is “bootylicious”, I have my reservation in appreciating hers. (more…)

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8 Practical Tips on How Not To Gain Weight During Holidays

posted on December 27th, 2012 ·


I read one interesting report about weight gain during holiday seasons – average person gains one pound a year during holidays.  Just like you, I initially thought the one pound is not a big deal.  But, most people never lose that pound and keep on gaining a pound every year.  The average weight gain during adulthood is about one to two pounds a year.  With the holiday eating which contributes another one pound, no wonder most people gain more weight after 30s.  Every year, I heard people saying that “This year is going to be different because I will not get over indulged in the holiday feast.”  The same person will say the same while his body grows in size, horizontally. (more…)

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