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Top 5 Foods That Drain Your Energy

posted on October 29th, 2012 ·


Sometime in a day, you suddenly feel slow and sluggish.  You slept enough, but you just feel different for no apparent reason.  If you wonder why, the answer may lie in what you just ate.  In this article, I will share with you what types of food you should avoid as they will zap your energy.

1) Avoid Breakfast with Sugary Food
While it is important to eat breakfast everyday, you should avoid refined carbohydrates, be it sugar or white flour.  I mean, sweet doughnuts and smoothies.  No doubt, they will give you an energy spike, but that boost is short term and you will be in doze mode quickly.  Opt for a protein rich protein. (more…)

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The Truth About Jennifer Lopez’s Workout and Diet Plan

posted on October 25th, 2012 ·


Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) is a famous American actress and singer.  She is one of the few celebrities known to have “big” figure yet remains popular.  She is not those Jennifer Aniston slim type, and definitely not hardcore Madonna bodybuilder type, neither she is the Jessica Biel athletic type.

In February 2008, after giving birth to twins, she gained about 55 pounds.  Despite what she said about not sticking to workout routine, the truth is that she actually takes workout routine and nutrition regimen seriously.  She probably wants people to have the perception that she does not have to try hard to look good. (more…)

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A Good Book For Dieters – The Art of Overeating

posted on October 20th, 2012 ·


I just read this book “The Art of Overeating“.  It is written by Leslie Landis, a psychologist since 1999.  Throughout the years, she has spend much time in helping people with overeating issues.

The book has a collection of facts and many jokes on the state of our relationship to food. (more…)

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Do You Always Have The Urge To Go To Toilet Before You Exercise?

posted on October 13th, 2012 ·


Do you always have the urge to go to toilet for “big business” before you run, or while you are running or after you finish running? If you are, you are not alone. Some other runners have the same issue too, including one of my friends. My friend called it “pre-run poop”, but the official name is Runner’s Diarrhea. Normally, this urge of going to toilet happens mostly to marathon runners, but also can happen during long gym workouts and occasional runs. Initially, I thought he was nervous of jogging for the first time. But, after several weeks, he still has the same issue. In fact, once, he had to run so fast to get to the nearest toilet and he told me that it is the fastest run in his life! (more…)

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How Not To Have Loose Skin After Huge Weight Loss and How To Get Rid Of It?

posted on October 9th, 2012 ·


I received an e-mail from a reader asking ways to get rid of loose skin after huge weight loss. Unwanted loose sagging skin not only remind him of former shape, but also not nice to be seen. After doing some research and talking to others who have gone through similar challenge, let’s see what I have got for this issue: (more…)

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How To Breathe While Doing Weight Lifting?

posted on October 4th, 2012 ·


People who practise Tai Chi or Yoga pay much attention to breathing. They believe that breathing will change the the internal energy. While weight lifting is more straight forward exercise, breathing does play a role. I dare not say breathing will make or break your weight training result, but since you still have to breathe, it does not hurt to learn to breathe correctly while you are pumping iron. If you are interested to learn more, read on.

Rule of Thumb for Breathing While Doing Weight Lifting:

  • Inhale (breathe in) when you lower the weight and exhale when you lift the weight.
    • For example, when you are bench pressing, you inhale when you lower the weight and exhale when you lift the weight. (more…)

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