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Is Red Meat Healthy?

posted on June 7th, 2012 ·


Sugary drinks, red meat, salty junk food are part of developed countries diet.  Today, let’s just look at red meat.

People who eat red meat have higher risk of developing colon cancer, b2east cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease.  So, if someone tell you that red meat increases the chances of dying prematurely, no joke, it is true.  Meat that falls under red meat category include beef and pork which can be in processed form like bacon, ham, hot dogs and steak.  Here are few reasons why red meat is unhealthy:

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Does Beer Really Cause Beer Belly?

posted on June 1st, 2012 ·


I went to a pub with my colleague after work.  This place is his favorite.  He sat there, pointed his huge belly while talking to the barmaid, “Fill this up.”  The barmaid smiled and came back with two jugs of beer.  I look around the pub, I saw some customers have one common appearance – beer bellies (or some call it beer gut or beer pot).

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How To Train For Sport Games

posted on May 28th, 2012 ·


There is nothing quite like sports to get your adrenaline flowing – it is an exhilarating feeling when you win, and even if you lose, your resolve to do better the next time. Playing a sport game regularly is also good for your mental and physical health, and even though you may be just an amateur.  It is wise to train correctly to play the game in order to excel at it and avoid injuries. So, if you are involved in any sport, either individual or team, here are few tips on how you can hone your skills through proper training:

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Chest Workout (10) – Cable Crossover

posted on May 23rd, 2012 ·


The cable crossover workout works similar to the dumbbell flyes.  However, cable crossovers are done standing.  It targets the chest muscles with an emphasis on the inner chest muscle.  More important, it brings out the impressive center line between your left and right chest muscle.

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3 Reasons Your Legs May Itch When You Run

posted on May 19th, 2012 ·


One reader has sent me e-mail telling me that he experienced an itchy sensation all over his legs when he ran.  The feeling was so overwhelming that he has to stop to scratch his legs.  Worse, he wore shorts and his legs looked like two huge reddish carrot.  No, it is nothing to do with hygiene of his leg hair.

Have you experienced that before too? (more…)

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Does Durian Have Any Cholesterol and Fat?

posted on May 10th, 2012 ·


Durian is one the local favorite fruits in South East Asia countries, especially in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.  In fact, it is called “King of Fruits”.  Most westerners are turned off by the strong pungest odor.  That is why most high class hotels and airlines ban the fruits.  Despite the smell, durian lovers have hundred reasons eating the fruit.

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