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Abs Workout (9) – Side Bridge or Side Plank on Elbow

posted on January 22nd, 2011 ·


Men and women tend to have fat at the side of our tummies which is the so called love handles. We may not be able to spot reduce at this spot specifically, but we can do exercise to tone it. Side bridge or also commonly known as Side Plank on Elbow is a good exercise for your core muscles at your oblique (muscle at your side of your abs) and lower back. This yoga-inspired exercise improves lower back endurance and therefore prevent back pain. (more…)

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What Fitness Gift To Buy For Fitness Minded Ladies?

posted on January 18th, 2011 ·

Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day (coming soon) or birthday, it is always good to buy something for your beloved girlfriend, wife, mother or sister.  If you are looking around to shop for her who enjoys sport activities, here are some ideas: (more…)

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How Can You Run More with Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit?

posted on January 11th, 2011 ·


Whether you enjoy running, jogging or long walking, you may want to know that Nike has partnered with Apple to come out with Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit. This kit makes running more fun. It has extended the use of iPod Nano, making it more than just a portable song player and more relevant to fitness enthusiasts.

Nike Plus Sports Kit includes: (more…)

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Traffic Light Labels for Food Products in the UK

posted on January 7th, 2011 ·


How often do you look at the food label before you buy the product? Most people do not bother. Not because they do not care, but because understanding the label is just not plain easy. Food Standards Agency in UK knows this and it has introduced “traffic light” system for food products since early year 2007.

The traffic light colors are printed on the front of food packs. You can take a glance if the food has high, medium or low amounts of saturated fat, sugar and salt in every 100 gram of the food. It does not replace the detailed information printed on the back. The meaning of the color codes is: (more…)

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How I Stop Drinking Coffee? 3 Things I Did To Stop The Habit.

posted on January 3rd, 2011 ·


I grew up drinking soda during college days, then switched to tea when I studied in the UK. The English people somehow like drinking tea, be it in the morning or in the afternoon. Probably because of the cold weather there, I picked up the habit of holding a cup of hot tea too while I was reading. When I was back here to work, Starbucks arrived and suddenly became the de facto hang out place for yuppies. It was there I started sipping coffee. Lasted for two years before I decided to quit drinking coffee. If not in Starbucks, I would buy coffee from other places too, 7 days a week without fail. (more…)

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Where To You Keep Your Car Keys When You Run Outdoor?

posted on December 30th, 2010 ·


I have been running on treadmill at the gym for some time.  Recently, I decided to drive to a park and try running outdoor again.  Now, I have this small issue which some of you may have encountered too.  Where to keep the car keys?  I can leave my phone at home and my house keys in the car, still, I have to find a place to hold my car key.

I spoke to few of runners and here are some of their interesting ways: (more…)

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