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Abs Workout (8) – Double-Plate Press

posted on December 26th, 2010 ·


Double-plate press is a not so common compound exercise. It looks easy, but it can be challenging.

Why Try Double-Plate Press?
The reason I put this exercise under abs because I found that my abs work the hardest among all the muscle groups. This fantastic workout builds your abs, chest, biceps and shoulders. Take away your glove and it will train your grip too. (more…)

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Will We See Nicolas Cage With 6 Pack Abs Again?

posted on December 22nd, 2010 ·


When I watched Ghost Rider on TV recently, I was amazed to see Nicolas Cage having his ripped body shape with 6 pack abs.  He took on the role in year 2006.  The last role that he is showing his muscles was in Con Air in year 1997.  Even that, he did not go shirtless.

As far as I know, Nicolas Cage is never a “macho” type of action hero baring chest with veins on bulging biceps and blood on shirt.  Surprisingly though, most of Cage’s movies that have achieved financial success were in the action or adventure genre.  Therefore, when he showed off his muscles in Ghost Rider, it is indeed an eye opener for me. (more…)

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Shoulder Workout (6) – Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

posted on December 18th, 2010 ·


If you are looking for a workout for your upper back and rear deltoids of your shoulder, you can try seated bent over rear delt raise which is also known as reverse fly or rear delt raises.  In fact, many people focus much on the front and side deltoids and neglecting the rear deltoids.  The rear delt of your shoulder is a small muscle group.  You can train with light weight. (more…)

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What Is Functional Fitness and Why Is It Important?

posted on December 14th, 2010 ·

Have a chat with a fellow gym member. He is a father of two kids. Just found out that he has been attending Yoga classes since two months ago. He once said that Yoga was only for women. So, it made me really curious why this big man with muscular body, once a critic of Yoga, became a fan of Yoga.

This is what he said, “See my biceps?”

I replied (without looking), “Yeah, bigger than tennis balls.”

“But, they are useless.”  He said. (more…)

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Food Prices Are Getting Skyrocketting and It Is Time To Eat Less!

posted on December 10th, 2010 ·


Not only the gasoline price is getting higher these days, the food price has increased too, as much as more than 100% for the past 1 year. Staples like wheat and rice, which millions of people, be them poor or rich, depend on them daily, become more expensive and made lives tougher. If you often do grocery shopping yourself, you realize that eggs and bread have become expensive too for the past 12 months. From Yemen to Haiti or Bangladesh, high food prices have sparked protests in many countries around the world.

Here are some of the food prices in the US in May 2007 and 2008 for comparison: (more…)

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Just Do It – Take Action For Your Fitness Goals

posted on December 6th, 2010 ·


It is close to year end and my friends are making new year resolution. Too often I heard, “I will start losing weight after new year”. After new year, they may say, “Let’s wait after Chinese New Year in February.” When the time comes, the plan is changed again. Probably Christmas this time. So, tomorrow has come and gone. New year is coming.

People may have read many weight loss articles and they are getting confused with the jargon used by the fitness professional. They read about 5 ways to be on diet, 10 ways to lift weights, 15 ways to do the cardiovascular exercises, but they have not started doing anything. (more…)

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