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Chest Workout (7) – Criss Cross Press

posted on May 27th, 2010 ·

For ladies who want to firm up their sagging busts, I will recommend criss cross press. Just to manage expectation, this chest workout does not boost bust size, but to prevent them from sagging when you age. Proper strength training like this exercise will enhance the pectoral (chest) muscle below the breasts. (more…)

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Do You Wash The Banana Before You Peel Its Skin?

posted on May 24th, 2010 ·


Yesterday when I was at my friend’s place, I saw him washing banana before peeling to eat.

I was puzzled and asked him the reason of doing so.

He told me that not only does he washes banana, he wash kiwis, mangoes, orange, apple and other fruits before he eat them. He said that many hands may have touched the fruit before it actually goes into our mouths. (more…)

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Focus In What You Should Eat Instead Of What You Should Not Eat

posted on May 21st, 2010 ·


Exercising on regularly can be challenging for some people. Having a strict diet plan can even make them even easier give up their weight loss plan. They keep telling themselves, “No, I should not eat ice cream. No, I cannot drink Mocha. No, no more chocolate…” These restriction can make dieter really depressed and often leads to binging on these “sin” foods whenever they allow themselves to do so. Worse, they go back to their unhealthy eating habits eventually.

Therefore, instead of keep thinking of what you should not eat, think about what you should eat. One of the easier things to start with is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Be adventurous, try fruits or veggies you have eaten before. Consider adding fresh fruit to your plain yogurt. (more…)

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Will You Exercise Even If You Don’t Feel Like Doing It?

posted on May 18th, 2010 ·


After long day of work, most of us are lazy to exercise. The feeling of sitting at the couch watching TV is just too good to resist. You don’t feel like exercising. Yet at the same time, you know the benefits of exercising.

So, what should you do now?

For me, the biggest challenge is to decide to go or not to go. It is that few seconds of decision that makes the difference. Normally, I don’t allow myself to think too long. Don’t even give myself to do much self talk. I change my clothes, pack the bag, grab the car key and make the move. (more…)

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Weight Loss Center Customer Got Refunds in Landmark Case

posted on May 15th, 2010 ·


Seldom had we heard about lawsuit against weight loss centers which have misled customers. Recently, I cam across a news which mentioned that in the U.S, LA Weight Loss Centers and NWM were instructed by the court to pay out each $50,000 in refunds to customers. Source

Based on consumers’ complaint, investigators decided to disguise as weight loss shoppers to get first hand information. They found that the sales persons have often over promised customers by misleading and hiding much information to get them signed up. (more…)

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Do You Find It Difficult To Sleep Well On Sunday Night?

posted on May 12th, 2010 ·


When it is Monday, supposedly, we should be happy. Shops are back to business, banks are opened, government offices will function. But, with the disrupted sleep on Sunday night, Monday blues feeling kick in. Starting the week with heavy head is no fun. It is common to hear colleagues asking for sick leave on Monday.

How about you, do you have a good night sleep Sunday night? I personally find it hard to sleep well on Sunday night. May be it is the so called “Sunday Night Insomnia”. But, I am not alone. Many people apparently have the same problem – having difficulty to sleep well on that night. (more…)

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