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What To Eat To Gain Weight For Hardgainer?

posted on May 16th, 2009 ·


Your best friend wants to lose weight.  Your neighbor wants to lose friend.  Everyone seems to have too much fat.  Due to high publicity on overweight and obesity issue in our society, more emphasis is placed on weight loss rather than gaining weight. But, there is one forgotten group of thin people struggling to put on weight – hardgainers.

Even if you are a hardgainer, no worry, it is not the end of the world. It is still possible to gain weight with determination. The good thing about being a hardgainer is that you will find it hard to gain body fat and therefore any weight gain is mainly muscles (provided you do the right exercise) and they are highly visible with good definition. Today, let’s just focus in what to eat and leave the topic of workout for hardgainer for some other time. (more…)

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How To Curb Cravings For Chocolates with Scentology Crave Control Fragrance?

posted on May 13th, 2009 ·


Sometime ago, researchers discovered that a particular “vanilla scented patch” may help people curb their cravings for chocolates and sweets. Based on this unexplained finding, a company has invented a fragrance, Scentology Crave Control Fragrance.

Scentology Crave Control Fragrance was developed by Rachel Herz, Ph.D., a psychologist at Brown University’s Medical School and author of “The Scent of Desire.” (more…)

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What Is Your Fitness Goal and How To Set The Goal Correctly?

posted on May 9th, 2009 ·


If you drive to work, you will reach your office. You may have seen many junctions, you can turn left, turn right or go straight, you can stop for breakfast or go to post office and many other choices. But, what makes you ending up in office?

Because you know where you are going. And you know it right from the moment you step into your car.

Setting goal, in this case, fitness goal is important.  It is the first thing you should do before you commit any expensive gym membership or buying any equipments. (more…)

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Any Easy Way For the Bride To Be To Lose Weight Before The Wedding Day?

posted on May 6th, 2009 ·


My friend is getting married soon and he and his girlfriend is busy preparing for the wedding. Shopping for wedding gown is one of the to-do things. They were surprised to find out weight loss for the bride is part of the package! The wedding gown salesperson did not take long to convince the lady to agree on the package but my friend was not too happy about it. Not that her girlfriend is fat, just that every girl still wants to shed some fat from the already slim body. So, let’s look at wedding and weight loss issue today.

Based on a study carried out in US, 70 percent of engaged women tried to lose more than 20 pounds for their wedding day. Most of them tried to exercise and eat right, but more than 20 percent of the ladies were using extreme methods to achieve the goal – taking liquid diets and slimming pills, starving, fasting, smoking and vomiting after meals. Some brides also purposely order wedding dress 1 to 3 sizes smaller as a way to force themselves to lose weight. (more…)

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Shoulders Workout (4) – Dumbbell Shoulder Press

posted on May 3rd, 2009 ·


Shoulders are one of the most noticeable body parts as they actually add width to your upper body.  With broad shoulders, you will have an impressive physique, especially guys who train for V shape.

Shoulder press works on the front of your shoulders (anterior).  It also works your triceps. (more…)

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How A Man Can Turn On A Woman Easily Even If He Isn’t Brad Pitt?

posted on April 30th, 2009 ·


When I saw this book, Porn For Women, I was really curious. Instead of seeing guys showing six pack abs or flesh, I saw men doing house work. Many does not know that dull chores (in man’s eyes) can be such a sensual things in women’s heart.

Yes, this book shows us that women love attentive man. However, like a fairy tale, characters inside may be hard to be found in real life. The models though not super handsome, still eye candies for ladies. The captions are funny and some of the examples are: (more…)

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