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Little Known Way To Tone Up Your Upper Body With BodyCircles

posted on July 13th, 2013 ·


Some people, especially women, join Pilates class with the intention to tone up muscles.  One manufacturer has taken the opportunity to come out this things called BodyCircles.  These circles are actually small padded hula hoops meant for your arms.  When you spin with them, you are working your biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back.

You may think spinning the circles is very easy, but once you try them, you will realize that you need some coordination to keep them around your arms.  I have put them on and tried them.  I got the circles flung across my room, one hitting the ceiling and others almost landed on my vase.  So, it is better to start practicing in place where you do not have vase.  Also, if you are spinning it too hard, you may hurt yourself with bruises on your arm.  So, coordination with controlled movement is important. (more…)

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A Low Carb, Low GI Nutritional Meal to Give You the Energy You Need

posted on July 6th, 2013 ·


This is a guest post by Sam, a personal trainer.

As a personal fitness trainer at a gym in Norwich I see a lot of people come through that love working out but don’t know how to couple this with a healthy diet. Eating salad and poached chicken breasts can get pretty boring after awhile. So I’m going to share with you a healthy recipe that makes me the envy of all the staff at the gym in Norwich when I take this in for lunch, San Choy Bow. It is a healthy low carb meal that is easy to make. It is a great meal to have in your arsenal, with easy to find ingredients that will give you the delicious boost you need to keep the weight off that you’ve lost at the gym. (more…)

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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally?

posted on June 29th, 2013 ·


Both men and women produce testosterone with the difference that women produce about 10 to 15% of the amount men do. Let’s talk about testosterone for men this time. For men, this hormone is important for immune system, muscular strength, bone density, energy levels, sperm development and sexual libido.

Testosterone in our bodies reduce about 1 percent a year starting at the age of 40. Some of the symptoms are obesity, muscle loss, lack of energy and impotence. So, guys, do not take this hormone issue lightly. Learn more about it. Do something while you still can. It is better to raise your hormone levels naturally in your 20s and 30s so that you could maintain higher levels later on.

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Daniel Craig – James Bond With The Best Body

posted on June 22nd, 2013 ·


When Daniel Craig was announced to be the James Bond in 21st Bond movie – Casino Royale, many criticized him for being too short and not good looking enough for the role.

Daniel Craig has to give up smoking before he started his workout. He trained 5 times a week. Each workout lasted only 45 minutes to 3 hours with focus in pull-up and bench pressing on his own weight. He also attended yoga classes. His diet was specially prepared. He was trained under two physiotherapists and a personal trainer, Simon Waterson, who is ex-military PE instructor and has also trained other Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Halle Berry. Daniel Craig told his trainer that he wanted to be a Bond who looked like he could kill when he took his shirt off. He finally did it with his huge chest, bulging biceps, and washboard stomach. (more…)

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Cable versus Pulley System in Weight Machine

posted on June 15th, 2013 ·


Usually, each weight plate is marked with a number. Some of these figures give the actual weight of the plate. However, some are not but the actual force you need to life the plate. On some machines, the number is just an index indicating the number of plates being lifted.

Next time before you push or pull the weight plate at the resistance machine, pay attention how the cable is connected to the weight stack – via pulley or just pure cable. (more…)

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Excuses Not To Eat Vegetables

posted on June 8th, 2013 ·


I feel guilty if I do not have vegetables in my meal.  Probably because I am influenced by mom that I have to eat them with meals.  Not everyone likes vegetables.  Many come out with excuses.  Let’s look at these excuses and try finding workaround.

1. Vegetables are expensive.
One of my friends always complain that veggies are expensive. Later I found out that he was referring to organic veggies. While it is good to eat organic stuffs, to force yourself to eat only them may not be the long term solution. (more…)

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