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Little Known Ways to Do Weight Training with Tempo

posted on May 23rd, 2008 ·


Routine weight training regimen can be boring occasionally. One great way to add variety to your training is to use tempo. Some people like to lift the weight upwards at fast speed and drop them just as fast. Others prefer to do slow with controlled movements.

Tempo refers to the rate at which you move the weights. Tempo has 3 and possibly 4 numbers like 3,2,1 or 4,2,1,2


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Nancy Makin Lost 530 Pounds Over 3 Years By Making Friends Online

posted on May 21st, 2008 ·


One of the most amazing success weight loss story I ever read – Nancy Makin lost about 530 pounds (about 240 kilogram) over 3 years and she is currently 173 pounds (78 kilogram). Looking at the figures, assuming she lost weight consistently for that 3 years, she lost an average of 3.4 pounds (about 1.5 kilogram) every week for more than 150 weeks.

Nancy Makin is not a celebrity. She is just another person, but was in “giant size” few years ago.  Her incredible increase of weight happened over 12 years, because of emotional eating caused by divorce and loneliness. When she was young, she saw her mum eating junk food whenever something went wrong. So, she thought that food was the easiest way to comfort herself. When her weight was more than 700 pounds, she felt hopeless. Doctors have even given up on her. She thought she was going to die.


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If You Ever Want a Non-Fat and Sugarfree Coffee, Starbucks Has Something For You

posted on May 18th, 2008 ·


In January 2008, Starbucks has introduced “Skinny” platform, a non-fat Latte drink made with sugar-free syrup and non-fat milk. According to Starbucks, this new coffee has at least 50 percent or less calories than one made with regular syrup. This new 12-ounce Caffe Latte has 90 calories whereas the normal 12-ounce white chocolate mocha latte has nearly 400 calories. So, the next time, you do not have to mention “non-fat and sugar free”, just mention you want a “skinny” latte will do.

The company claims that even with less calories, the taste is not totally compromised. It goes on to mention that Starbucks Skinny Caffe Lattes and Skinny Caffe Mochas not only provide customers with that delicious sweet taste they desire, the drinks also provide the natural goodness of milk. A tall Skinny Latte or Skinny Mocha naturally contains 30 percent of recommended daily calcium and 9 grams of protein.


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What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed? Go To The Airport Gym!

posted on May 16th, 2008 ·


For frequent travelers who enjoy working out in gym yet seldom have the time to do so, how nice it will be if you can work out at the airport in between the connecting flights. In fact, sometimes weather can be bad, runways are packed with planes or planes have technical and therefore your flight is delayed. Instead of being frustrated waiting at the terminal, some of the airports nowadays are equipped with gyms.

For travelers, working out in the gym not only a way to ensure their time is not wasted, it is also good for health reasons. Reducing stress and improving blood circulation after long flight are some of the benefits.


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13 Tips To Choose A Perfect Fitness Equipment For Your Home

posted on May 13th, 2008 ·


Not everyone likes going to gym. Gym may be just too far and transportation is a problem. However, not going to gym does not mean one cannot exercise at home. In fact, some people prefer to have their own fitness machines at home. They can use the machines at their own convenience.

Choosing exercise equipment may not be that easy. If you choose a wrong machine and later put it only in your store room, money will be wasted.

Three main reasons home fitness equipment gathers dust:

  1. It is too boring.
  2. It is too hard to assemble.
  3. You don’t have time but you will try to use it tomorrow.

Sad truth is that many shoppers still heading for fitness departments without knowing what they want. They buy treadmills, stationary bicycles and weight machines. Most people simply buy things they do not enjoy. If they don’t really like it, they don’t stick with it.


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4 Ways To Measure Body Fat

posted on May 11th, 2008 ·


As mentioned in the article of Why Measuring Body Fat Is More Important Than Body Weight, weight alone does not distinguish whether the weight comes from fat or muscle. Knowing body fat is more helpful in weight control.

There are four ways to measure body fat:

  1. DEXA scan
  2. Bioelectrical Impedance (Home Body Fat Scales)
  3. Skinfold Calipers (Callipers)
  4. Hydrostatic Weighing

Each of these body fat calculation method has advantages and disadvantages.


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