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How Did Mariah Carey Lose 30 Pounds in 7 Months?

posted on April 24th, 2008 ·


Mariah Carey is well known for making music history. As of April 2008, she is the only artist since The Beatles to have the most number one singles in the United States. Ever since her debut in 1990, she has established her position as one of the highest-selling female singers (61.5 million copies of her albums). However, after her separation from Mottola, she went through a highly publicized emotional breakdown.

Mariah is also well known as a yo-yo dieter who has her weight fluctuating up and down for the past 10 years. But few weeks ago, she appeared in American Idol 2008 and she came on stage with an awesome body shape. In fact, she appeared on Oprah and told the world that she is determined with her weight loss plan. In this post, let’s see what she has done to make a comeback this time.


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How Not To Fall Into Weight Loss Scam?

posted on April 22nd, 2008 ·


My mum is always a wise consumer. But, one day, she told me that she has bought a “magic soap” which her friend claimed that can help burn tummy fat and “wash” away cellulite. She is not alone. Many more people are taking the easy way when they want to lose weight. This mindset opens the door to various fraudulent scams.

According to the statistic in year 2004, about 4.8 million consumers in the US were the victims of weight loss scams. In fact, this amount of victims are more than the foreign lottery scam. Therefore, it is good that you know what the common weight loss scams are out there so that you will not fall into any of them.


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Why Some Prefer Beer and Cigarettes Over Workout at Gym?

posted on April 20th, 2008 ·

After working out at gym, met my friend at ATM machine.  Had an interesting conversation with him.

Seeing me in my sport shoes, my friend asked, “Where did you go just now, playing basketball?”

Me: Oh, just came back from gym.

Friend: Wow, so healthy?

Me: Hahaha…just a normal exercise.

Friend: Oh, that’s good, but I heard gym membership is very expensive. How much you pay for yours?

Me: Mine is less than $100 monthly, but it depends on the package you sign up.


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Chest Workout (5) – Dumbbell Fly

posted on April 17th, 2008 ·


Dumbbell fly is one of the best chest exercises for women to prevent sagging breasts. As for men, this workout is important for shaping the nice physique of chests too. This exercise is a compound workout. The main muscle being worked out is the chest. Other muscles involved are triceps and shoulders.


  1. Sit down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Your palms are facing inward toward each other. Lie back, keeping the dumbbells close to your chest.
  2. Lift these weights over your chest by extending your arms.


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Do You Want To Jog In the Water with Hydro Physio Lifestyle?

posted on April 15th, 2008 ·

Have you tried running in the swimming pool?

Probably you do.

How about running on the treadmill which is placed in the swimming pool?

Probably not.


Now, a company in England has come out a special treadmill called Hydro Physio Lifestyle. It is a water resistance treadmill used not only for exercise, but also for rehabilitation and performance training purpose. According to the company, some of the advantages of running the treadmill in water compared to the normal treadmill are:

  • With the resistance of water, one can increase muscular strength with little concussive forces to the joints.
  • (more…)

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Gay Encounter at Gym (3) – Never Pick Up Soap During Shower

posted on April 13th, 2008 ·


After reading my gay encounters in gym (Are You Single? and Want To Watch Movie Together?), a blog reader has shared with me about his gay encounter at male changing room of his gym. Here you go for his experience:

“Dude! Alas…a fellow ‘victim’ too! Just yesterday, a beefy South-American looking gay dude tried to lure me into the shower cubicle at the gym, California Fitness, which I go to. Unfortunately, my experience was not as ‘peaceful’ as yours. For a weaker-willed heterosexual individual, it could be a tad traumatizing. Fortunately or unfortunately, this isn’t exactly new to me.. Got calls from male bisexuals (how they get my number is beyond me), and stares from gay dudes before.


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