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Review of Ab Coaster – The So Called “Ab-Solutely Amazing” Abs Machine

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Crunch is the most popular abdominal exercise. It is easy and all you need is a mat. Alternatively, for people who has strong arms, hanging leg lift is recommended as intense abdominal exercise. However, not every one can do that with perfect form because it is indeed hard to hang like like a gymnast.


A fitness professional, Don Brown, has invented a machine which gives effective abs workout as good as the hanging leg lift. It is called Ab Coaster. According to him, this machine targets abs muscles such as transverse abdominus, obliques and rectus abdominus.

Months ago, I have visited one of the gyms which I had the chance to try on Ab Coaster. Last week, I went there for another try on this machine. Here are my review:

What I Like About Ab Coaster:

  • The curved track actually makes me focus the effort at my abdominal muscle. I moved in natural arc motion. Knees on a padded seat and hands on the handle, then the seat slid up and down along the metal track in a J shape motion.
  • This machine eliminates the common lower back stress of crunches and the pain at the arms in hanging leg raise. With that, I just worked on my abs until my abs are screaming for pain.



  • With a simple twist, the seat swing side way and I worked on my obliques. The obliques are a pair of abdominal muscles.
  • If the move is too easy, you can add additional weight to make the workout more challenging.


  • The machine looks sturdy, not like those plastic feel abs equipment.


The key to do the exercise with Ab Coaster is to do it slow with controlled movement. I have seen people swinging with inertia and this move may defeat the purpose.

Things To Be Aware Of:

  • To certain extent, you still need some strength on your arms to hold yourself steadily with the handle. But, use them as support. If you feel sore on your arms and not your abs, you have probably done the exercise wrongly.
  • The machines does not come cheap. It is more than $400. I doubt many will buy it as part of their home gym purely for abs workout. It is more suitable for fitness club.
  • Ab Coaster will not give your six pack overnight. You will need to get rid of your body fat by doing cardiovascular exercise and by eating right. With too much fat, even if you have great abs, it still will not show under the fat.







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