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Review of the Book “Think Yourself Thin”

February 23rd, 2008 · 2 Comments ·


I was given this book, Think Yourself Thin, from Sourcebooks, a publisher in the US. Got the book via FedEX back in March 2007. No worry, this review is not sponsored or paid. The book is the only thing I got from the publisher. In fact, no obligation to do a positive review.

When I first read the book, gave up easily after finishing chapter three. It was not my cup of tea, so I thought. I want to gain weight and build muscle, not to lose weight. That was the key reason this book just did not click with me that time. Since then, the book was hidden at a corner in my room collecting dust.

Last weekend, I picked the book up again and decided to give it another try with open mind. I told myself, may be I could learn something new. So, finally, I managed to finish it within a day. Yes, I did learn something new.


Think Yourself Thin: The Revolutionary Self-Hypnosis Secret to Permanent Weight Loss was written by Dr. Darcy Buehler who is a behavioral therapist utilizing hypnosis to help her clients to lose weight. Wait, you may ask, what, losing weight with hypnosis?

In this book, Dr. Buehleris writes about changing how you think about losing fat. The book emphasizes a lot in changing your brain and lifestyle so that you will eat well and exercise well. The accompanying CD contains eight self-hypnosis scripts such as “Rewiring Your Brain”, “Decision Making,” and “Exercise.” These so called self-hypnosis scripts help the listener incorporates the suggestions of that chapter into lifestyle. Each self-hypnosis segment begins with instructions to concentrate on breathing and relaxing the body.

So, the key objective of this book is to get the right ideas into your mind to help you have a stronger will to lose weight. The author emphasizes on self talk and believing you can succeed. It talks about why to lose weight, why overeat, how to control sugar intake to how to control the pace of eating. She also points out that by thinking yourself thin, you will make the first step right. Because, by thinking yourself thin, you will start taking the necessary steps to lose weight. However, it is not just purely by thinking yourself thin, you will get thin instantly. You still need to do watch your diet and exercise over a period.

In my opinion, a believer in self hypnosis will find it easier to take benefits from this book. One needs to have an open mind to read the book. It is just not another ordinary diet book. In fact, it is not about diet (like what I initially thought). It is a book guiding you to change your thoughts. Though at the end of the book, the author mentioned some tips on working out and drinking water, this book does not focus on food. It talks more on eating and being healthy.

In short, if you are looking for a self-hypnosis book to help you losing fat, this is the book. Therefore, not cup of tea for everyone. To find out more about the book, you can get get one from Amazon.

OK, I am going to sleep soon. Before that, let me try to do some self hypnosis…I want to have six pack. I want to have six pack. I want to have six pack…



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  • sylvesteR // Feb 24, 2008 at 10:15 PM

    Hmm, if thinking yourself thin really works, then can this lead people to anorexic condition if one is too obsessed?

  • Angie Tan // Mar 11, 2008 at 1:47 PM


    Sounds like something from “The Secret”. ;-)

    Anyway, it is possible to think yourself thin through positive reinforcement, especially for us who feel very discouraged after initially losing a lot of water weight and now, have to concentrate on fat burning.

    However, as for anorexics, those are psychological problems.. They look themselves in the mirror and think that they are fat.. ;-)

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