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Review of True Fitness at Desa Sri Hartamas (1)

September 1st, 2007 · No Comments ·

After leaving Clark Hatch, I joined True Fitness Sri Hartamas branch in early September year 2005. Before I signed up with the gym, went there for a trial visit. In this post, I will show you as many photos as possible. In my subsequent post, I will share with you what I think about the gym.

The first time I went there, I was puzzling – Am I in a discotheque or a gym?


After getting membership card swapper, you have to go to first floor to get your complimentary towels (one small and one big).

Even in the male changing room, the lightings are made to be those found in disco.


Like California Fitness and Celebrity Fitness, pad lock is not provided. You have to bring your own.

At the ground floor, you will see a full time DJ spinning the track playing hip hop music.

The free weight area is at the ground floor.


Look at the ceiling lights. They actually look better at night.



Nothing much at the first floor. Changing rooms and towel counters are there.

At the second floor, you will find many machines there:





At one corner of the second floor, you will find a RPM studio there.



Lift is actually available in the building. I normally do not use it, so, I walked up and down. Trained my leg muscles and burn some calories, I hoped.


You will see two huge studio at third floor – one for yoga and one for fitness dance classes.


Saw nice shoe racks here for the members going for Yoga classes. Members have to take off their socks and shoes.


One is not enough, the club has prepared more.


No one was in the class. It was huge. But, the pillars spoil the setup.


In Review of True Fitness at Desa Sri Hartamas (2), I will share with you on the membership package.



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