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Review of True Fitness at Taipan (1)

October 13th, 2007 · 2 Comments ·

True Fitness Taipan (USJ 10) has been operating since 15 June 2006. As I have seen the building while it was still undergoing renovation since early year 2006, unlike my friend, I was not surprised to see such a big gym. If 40,000 square feet is considered to be huge in Sri Hartamas, you really have to see 80,000 square feet True Fitness Taipan to know what is really HUGE. Was told the company is aiming to get 10,000 members for this branch alone, no surprise to know it needs the entire block of shop houses.


True Fitness Taipan in March 2006


True Fitness Taipan in June 2006

Walked in to get my card swapped at the reception counter. Friend pointed out to me that that is a DJ counter at the left side of the entrance. Right behind the reception counter, it is an area where the sales persons do their sales. This area is cooler than the one in Sri Hartamas with cubicles.



As expected, pad lock is not provided. Neither is towel. Spoke to the sales person and the operation manager, towel service will not be provided. They insisted that they have notified members before they signed up. In fact, each member signing up at Taipan were given a bag which contains a water bottle, small towel and a big towel.


Half jokingly, I said, “So, you provide them the towels and you expect them to bring those new towels. Why not you provide them dumbbell and ask them to bring their own dumbbell?

Yeah, I know that I talked cock. But, hope that they knew what I meant.

Anyway, proceed to the male changing room which is located at the first floor.


Staircase. Not really well lit.

Nothing spectacular about the changing room. Shower cubicles, lockers, steam bath room and sauna. It is obvious that the management is trying to optimize every odd space due to the shop lot building structure.





Went down to the ground floor where the free weight area is located. Man, this area is what I want. Having been to few clubs, I will say it has some of the best equipments. Impressive.







In front of the free weight area is the treadmills. All are new with attached touch screen flat LCD showing several Astro channels – CNN, ESPN, MTV and HBO. Good strategy to impress the visitors.

Many glass windows. People will be able to see you from outside when you run.



While I was working out at the free weight area, I believed most members were caught unprepared with the towels or just plain lazy to bring their own towels (I am one of the culprits too). Sad to see sweat spots on the benches and on the machines too. Hope that everyone will bring his own towel next time.

On the second floor, more cardiovascular exercise machines, but unlike those at ground floor, they do not have the attached flat screen TV. Few machines are sharing a flat screen hanging on the wall.

At this second floor, you will see resistance machines, for upper body (chest, bicep, back, triceps) and legs. As usual, in a new gym huge like this, I have to look around for the machines. Good news is that after several weeks, the gym has finally grouped machines together meant for a single group of muscles.  True Fitness has invested in Nautilus, Hammer Strength, Body Master and Life Fitness resistance machines here.

On the third floor, you will see cardiovascular machines and some resistance machines too.



On second floor, one of the Group-X studios is located here. Though pillars can still be seen, but it is much better comparing with Sri Hartamas branch. That studio can easily take 50 students without much problem.



And for the RPM enthusiasts, the RPM studio is BIG. At least 80 RPM bicycles there. In fact, for those cycling at the back complaining not being able to see the instructor, you will like this design. Making the place staggering like seats in cinema, the problem is solved.



I saw another studio at third floor. Did not take any photo because a class was ongoing at that time.

Latest update as of August 2014: Avoid True Fitness at Taipan. The facilities are not well maintained. Most treadmills are no longer working. Free weight areas are in bad shape too.

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  • sylvesteR // Oct 14, 2007 at 12:53 AM

    True Fitness Taipan is going to be flooded soon, the pipes are leaking, probably due to bad construction.

  • Neal Bainz // Jan 2, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    heyya, im looking foward to join this GYM, do they provide a personal trainer? whats the Price? any contact number?

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