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Should Pregnant Woman Swim?

November 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment ·


For ladies, if you are pregnant and wonder you should continue your swimming routine, this article is for you.  For guys, if you are a husband, read on also.

Some people have been believing the myth that the baby may drown if pregnant woman swim.  No, baby will not drown this way.  The baby is already “swimming” in the sac filled with fluid.  Another myth stems from the concern that a woman may contract infection from the water and it may spread to her womb.  Again, there is no medical basis for this concern.  Also, if the pool is maintained well, you do not have to worry about the chlorine level in the water.

In fact, swimming is a great exercise you can engage in during your pregnancy.   The main benefit of swimming is that it helps easy birth.  How it helps:

  • It strengthens body muscle, especially the back and leg muscles.
  • It reduces swelling in legs.
  • It is a good cardiovascular exercise which helps build stamina


Compared swimming to other sports, swimming is not that risky.  It does not give high impact to your joints.  When you are in the water, the water actually supports your body weight and taking the stress off from your lower back.

Few tips:

  1. Before you jump into the pool, do some gentle stretching.
  2. Once you are in the pool, do a slow warm-up lap.
  3. Go for breaststroke because it does not require rotation of the torso which can be heavy on the stomach.
  4. Do not get out of the water exhausted.  One thing for sure, you must know that your goal is not to improve your swimming performance, but to exercise. So, do not have be too hard to yourself.  Do not try to compete with others in the pool.  If you are tired, listen to your body, stop and rest.
  5. Do not forget to drink water because you may still get dehydrated in the pool.
  6. I suggest pregnant woman to swim with a partner for motivation and to be on standby if anything happens.

One common issue many pregnant women having is getting the right swimsuit.  My cousin sister has to go to specialty stores to get the one she wants.  After all, just like any of us, pregnant woman still wants to look good in their swim suit too.


If you are still not certain and have other medical complication, I suggest you to talk to your doctor.  Your doctor is the best person to advise you whether swimming is safe for you.  For those who have been swimming during pregnancy, share with us your experience.

If you do not swim, not to worry.  Walking is another good form of exercise for pregnant woman.  Exercise always help the mother with shorter labor period and letting their babies go through fewer signs of distress during labor.




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  • Fit mom // Nov 10, 2013 at 12:34 AM

    I went swimming when I was pregnant and it was divine! I did not want to get out of the pool as it made me feel much lighter and especially in the last months, it was easier than any other form of exercise, including walking. I would constantly lose breath, but swimming was fine.

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