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The Secret To Eat Calorie Free Food

May 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments ·


Last weekend, I was having dinner with one of my close friends.  When my dessert was served, my friend took a portion of my cake, probably as much as half of it using her fork.

I asked, “I thought you are so determined not to eat high calorie cake like this for the next 3 months?”

“No, this is your cake, not mine.  So, it is not counted as my calories.”

I was speechless.

Her definition of “No Calories” in these situations:

  • Food taken from friend’s plate
  • Sip of soup or few bites to check the taste while she is cooking in kitchen
  • Food she eats in cinema because it is dark there and since she does not see the food, she does not count them too
  • Food she eats on 31 December each year.  On New Year’s Eve, once she has drafted a new resolution, she will then spoil herself with huge dinner buffet before the clock strikes 12.  So, those food are special food without calories too.
  • Dripping ice cream on the cone which she occasionally help to finish when her little cousin sister does not finish it.
  • No calories also if she eats while she is walking.  The calories intake will be expended by the walking activities.
  • Calories in healthy food such as raisin, salmon, nuts and fruits do not count in her book too.  In fact, health foods cancel out unhealthy foods and make them all equals zero calories


WOW.  Those are her crazy theories.

This world will be a better place if what my friend believes are all true.  Do you have any of your own creative definition of “No Calories” to add?

Do not take her ideas seriously.  My friend certainly is joking.  Read my article of “What is a calorie” to find out more about the topic.



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  • OakParkMusicGuy // May 7, 2011 at 8:23 PM

    My definition – Coke Zero or other diet soda and water that actually have ZERO calories. Everything that enters my lips gets tracked in the iPhone app Tap and Track. No exceptions.

  • perfit training // May 12, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    When I eat a lot without actually minding the calorie content, then exercise the hell afterward = No Calorie.

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